Molecule Mission: Jetpack Heroes to the Rescue!

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Molecule Mission: Jetpack Heroes to the Rescue!

Navigate your Jetpack Hero through the planet to rescue trapped Energy Buddies and build molecules from elements! Avoid or blast enemies and collect elements to gain health points. Gain special skills by collecting power-ups! Battle the boss to free the remaining Energy Buddies, and ascend through the planet layers before the light reaches you. Drag and drop elements to make molecules. Shake your LeapPad tablet to fuse elements and learn about 27 different molecules. Choose the correct molecules to break through a wall guarding the trapped Energy Buddies, and then set them free! Teaches Chemistry, Problem Solving, and Spacial Reasoning. Ages 6-8.

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App Categories: Educational

Nominated for: January 2015 AwardsBest App for Children and Toddlers

Price: 10.00

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