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MRMS-Mobile Resource Management System
Is the world's First Mobile HR-Gateway with secure access to your existing system of HR products & its accessible from your mobile anywhere, anytime!
MRMS can build, customise, enhance and continuously deliver HR solutions more efficiently. It can be used on premises environment or as a cloud offering.

And what makes MRMS UNIQUE?

  • MRMS Saves development cost & time.
  • MRMS does NOT require direct access to your organisation's database.

MRMS is the ultimate solution if you are-

• Looking for full development based HR portal on mobile.
• Looking forward to upgrade web HR portal to mobile portal.
• To develop specific features (e.g. location based attendance, clicking picture to send it to the team when ticket raising etc). Here, MRMS will not disturb the existing executions.

MRMS enables you to-

• Engage employees on a mobile platform.
• Quick access from your mobile anywhere.
• Easy setting, adaptable and can be customised.
• Secure Access, completely hacker proof and prevents malicious attacks.
• All these features happen on a mobile platform.
• This can also be customised as per the company's requirements.
• Connect and synchronise your existing HR solutions with enterprise data, applications and cloud services.

MRMS Modules*:

1. My Profile: - (Personal, official details of employee with Manager Access with Performance rating etc).
2. Daily logs: - (Smartphone Attendance with weekly and monthly report etc).
3. My leave :- (Apply leave, Approve, Request leave history tracking etc).
4. Payslip :- ( Employee payslip view from portal).
5. Tickets :- (Ticket raising any issues in hardware, software. Photo based ticket raising enabled).
6. Claims :- ( Cash, Medical, Travel etc) Smartphone based bill submission.
7. IT declaration: - Employee view of country based Income tax declaration View from data.
8. My travel :- (Cab booking, Approval, History, Tracking, Attendance).
9. Work place :- ( Employee Directory, HR polices, Documents).

MRMS app Highlights :-
• Smart Phone Attendance
• Location tracking with distance
• Access Swipe Records information in smartphone
• Swipe in /out History
• Auto generate Time sheet
• Accurate of employee Actual Daily ,weekly & monthly Work hours
• Manager Self service access to view team attendance & track history
• Attendance approve all at single touch
• work from home attendance
• client location attendance with manager Approvals
• Push notifications
• Mobile Device security
• Connect to your existing servers
• Works in Both with existing & non-existing HR software
• HR software is not mandatory for this module.
• Mrms app inbuilt with IBM worklight Security Mobile Solutions
• No Direct Access with company Backend existing HR
• software Database or Server.
• User & Secure App Access
• Single user device log in Protection
• Multilevel Authentication enabled
• App & Data protection
• Can be implemented in 60 minutes
• No database required
• No hardware required
• Not mandatory HR solutions required.
• Flexible options available deploying on your premises
• Private App store
• Can be customized
• Connect with your existing HR system with out modify or change your existing solutions
• New Look in mobile app technology even your HR solutions is working or non working conditions
• Reduce cost and time instead developing new mobile app on your own for your HR solutions
• Highly secured and MRMS app is certified by IBM
• First Mobile common HR gateway with Highly secure access
• Readily available in Android & App store .(windows and BlackBerry options on request )
• MRMS app updated with IOS 9.3.2 and Android Marshmallow (6.0.1)

* Customised modules as per company requirement can be added as well.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Other

App Categories: Business and Finance , Education , Productivity , Travel & Local , Educational , Other

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Business & Productivity App

Price: 4$ TO 8$ PER USER

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