Nash: Spend, save & invest

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Nash: Spend, save & invest

Nash is bringing Web 3.0 and DeFi to the masses. It’s already here, but most people don’t know about it yet, or feel it’s too much effort to get involved. But Web 3.0 is important, because tools like DeFi savings are a great alternative to the traditional financial system – they offer new ways for people to be able to grow their money and beat inflation: Earnings & Savings, Staking crypto currency (with interest), buying and trading, transfering money to other people over the world and doing payments. Nash aims to become the leading financial app in Europe, which sets us apart from other Fintech players in the market.

We aim to bring personal finance and wealth building to the next level and accessible for everyone in Europe by integrating all personal finance into one single app: Salary & Groceries, crypto investments, savings, currency trading, saving for retirement or kids education and opening the door for people to be able to pay with crypto. The new smart money app. This combination is a highly unique value proposition in the finance and/or blockchain market.

Being around in the blockchain space for a while, the Nash team has been able to create an ecosystem for customers to access the blockchain in an understandable user friendly manner, while putting control over users digital wallets and accounts in the hands of the users. With advanced encryption and multi party computation.

Some benefits of the app
- One app for all personal finance matters.
- Encrypted, secure and self custody.
- Access to blockchain ecosystem through simplified and optimized user experience.
- High interest earnings account with high yield, beating current traditional bank interest rates.
- Trade more than +1500 crypto currencies through our app.
- Grow and manage your own wealth with one app.

We allow people to go from cash directly into decentralized earnings protocols without having to interact with the blockchain. Nash accomplishes this without taking custody of users' crypto assets. This is a unique solution at present. Other competitors are custodial and 'own' users funds. Our implementation of multi-party computation to improve wallet security is also a rarity in the space. In the near future, an integrated cash account with IBAN will allow users to keep their crypto and everyday financial needs in a single app. There are very few companies that combined crypto and banking, and none in a convincing manner.

Robustness and security
The Nash app is non-custodial, meaning Nash does not hold the keys to any of the wallets themselves. All the ownership is in the hands of the individual users. This is safer from both a hacking and company point of view. In the unlikely case our company gets hacked, the individual wallets cannot be accessed. But also if Nash is offline or would go bankrupt, the individual wallets are still accessible by our customers.
Additionally, Nash has pioneered an implementation of multi-party computation for signing cryptocurrency transactions. Your full private key is never used when sending funds. This keeps your assets extra secure on your mobile device and lets you activate additional safe wallet measures, like blocking all outgoing transactions.

Nash is fully integrated with WalletConnect, making it easy to connect to popular dapps on the Ethereum network. Our advanced wallet security makes Nash the best digital wallet for dapps and safer than browser wallets like MetaMask.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Windows Phone

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2022 May AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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