Nini learns to count

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Nini learns to count

With this app, we aim to encourage children to enjoy learning using new technologies and also help them develop their imagination with tangible resources, which can be downloaded directly from our web*.

In this story, kids together to Nini learn to count to 10. The story consists of 35 scenarios characterised by illustrations and sounds which anímate the story interactively. In each page you will be able to record your own voice while narrating the text which goes along with each of the illustrations.

An excellent learning resource for inside and outside the classroom, which will allow children to become familiar with numbers in Spanish and English in a fun, interactive and tangible way.

Nini learns to count is a first of a digital and tangible storytelling series, called PLAYING IN THE COUNTRYSIDE, where Nini, a cute little being who lives close to nature, learns to count thanks to his curiosity for the world around him.
For Nini the world is a huge living garden where everything is yet to discover.
His friend Pepo, the farmer, encourages him and always gives him the best advice. Little insects, pets, flowers and plants are some of his friends, as well as his source of knowledge.
Plenty of adventures full of healthy values which motivate children to learn and build their self-esteem and creativity through colourful interactive settings, accompanied by music especially composed for each story.


• Learn about numbers from 1 to 10
• 35 illustrated pages in English and Spanish.
• Listen to the story recorded with your own voice (**)
• Learn about characters using touch interactions
• No rules, punctuation or time limits.
• No third-party advertising or in-app purchasing!
• Parental control - COPPA compliant
• Made for Ages 5 and Under, but beware, It can also attract the imagination of big brothers & sisters!

(*) Into 'LA MOCHILA',
the TangibleFun backpack, you'll find tangible assets about our digital products. Download the printables FOR FREE. Start a tangible experience about our apps.


To record firstly unlocking the red button REC and turn off the background music. Then, read the text within the limit time countdown.
Once you have finished your recording, you will hear your narration automatically when you switch pages. You can listen to your recording as many times as you like by tapping on VOICE.
To delete your recording tap on REC again and repeat the same process.

Have a look at the video on youtube

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education , Entertainment , Family & Children

Nominated for: 2015 October Awards
Gold Award
Best App for Children and Toddlers

Price: 1.99

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