Noughts & Noughts: The Fun Tic Tac Toe Twist

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Noughts & Noughts: The Fun Tic Tac Toe Twist

Noughts and Noughts is a gorgeous, minimalist new board game that is surprisingly, challenging and addictive. A twist of the popular noughts and crosses game, also known as tic tac toe, but much more interesting and challenging!

Arrange three rings of the same color in a horizontal line, vertical line, diagonal line or in the same space to destroy them. The fun board game ends when there is no space to place any ring.

Although the gameplay is relatively simple, the fact that the rings can fit into the same space 3 times, makes this noughts and crosses variation extremely challenging. Think twice before placing a ring into another link, as the color maybe of great importance for your final points. Every move matters, so use the help of destroying an upcoming ring smartly!

You are not competing only against your own capabilities.. there are tens of thousands of global Noughts and Noughts players. Can you become the best of the best – the competition is fearful! Start the minimalist board game challenge and play noughts and crosses variation that will surely entertain you to the fullest!

?? WHY YOU’LL LOVE Noughts & Noughts?
? tic tac toe / noughts & crosses variation – new board game
? stunning graphics & sound effects
? vibrant & dynamic gameplay
? global leaderboard
? destroy rings that don’t fit
? free minimalist board game


If you were looking for a good board game that will relax & challenge you at the same time, Noughts & Noughts is surely an astounding solution. With so many challenges and unexpected moments, do you think you can succeed? What’s the highest score you can achieve?

?? Free: Download Noughts & Noughts and enjoy!

? About the score, each destroyed nought scores 1 point. If you destroy again in the next move, you will score 1 point for each nought destroyed multiplied by 2 (combo x2). If you destroy noughts again in the sequence you will score the number of noughts destroyed multiplied by 3 (combo x3)... and so on.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Casual Games

Nominated for: 2018 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2018

Price: FREE

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