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Services, redefined forever. Onsbay #ItsThatEasy.

Onsbay is a services delivery platform that lets you consume services around you right through the convenience of your iPhone. Discover a new hair stylist closer to you, find a tuition master that is reliable or find a plumber in a rush, Onsbay will make it happen! Services account for at least 50% of global personal spending. There is a need for people to find relevant, reputable services around them easily instead of having to use the rudimentary means of thumbing through a yellow-paged book. We waste hundreds of hours a year waiting on good service world-wide. The problem doesn’t just stop at you and me; it flows on to the service providers. The world has a huge amount of service based SMEs who are fighting to recapture market share from their better established competitors, even though some of these SMEs provide the same quality of service (if not better) at the same price point. Onsbay is ready to solve this issue. We aim to disrupt the entire services industry and put services back on the map. We are currently using Colombo, Sri Lanka as a launch and testing market, but we have the entire planet in our sights! Starting with markets such as Australia, US, and Europe.

# Why you'll enjoy Onsbay:

LOCAL: Onsbay won't show you services that are hosted a quarter mile from the surface of the Sun. Rest assured that you will have local results based on your location every time you hit search.

RELEVANT: Onsbay won't make you thumb through an entire book of yellow papers. Just type what you need (even if it's vague like "gardener") and we'll throw back a juicy list of gardening services.

RANKED: Adopt a "No More Lemons" policy into your services consumption. Powered by the BayMerit ranking system, Onsbay uses a public feedback system to influence the service providers to deliver the best service they can everytime while acting as a heads-up to others interested in the service.

INTELLIGENT: Are you and your garden due the fortnightly haircut? Get on top of your services and let Bae (that's OnsBae) recommend what needs to be looked at this week. OnsBae will keep an eye on your service usage history and intelligently recommend services that hold a pattern over time.

SECURE: Register using either your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ social media account so that Onsbay can keep your information truly secure and use only the information it needs. Data security is no joking matter.

# More Features:

F2D,F2U: Onsbay is completely free to download. Users and service providers can consume and register their services for no charge. Guaranteed.

ANYTHING: Host any SERVICE under the sun - literally. The Onsbay platform is designed with a deep understanding of the services industry and as such, Onsbay can boast that it can host any legal and ethical, B2B and B2C service on the planet.

TIME STARTS NOW: Onsbay is laid out so that the functions that matter to you most are in just the right spots. Infact, if you scroll all the way back up right now and download the app, it would only take you 10 seconds to register an account from the point of the app opening. It'll take you 60 additional seconds to register and host your very own service after that. Take the challenge!

EVOLVING: Onsbay is constantly evolving in small steps under its skin so things will only get better as time goes on.

SUPPORTIVE: Onsbay has a highly responsive Facebook page that acts as the support hub (for the moment) for all our users. So don't throw an email and forget about it, have a chat with us and we'll try and sort your issues out for you

CLOUD-POWER: The Onsbay app is only the tip of the iceberg. The interface you see in the app only accounts for 25% of the entire product. All the data is stored and are processed on a Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

PLATFORM: Onsbay is a platform. You can build your very own apps on top of Onsbay's BayBlox services platform and go above and beyond what it can do presently. Infact, the team behind BayBlox is counting on it! Everything is better together!

# Even More Features:

- Constantly adding new services to our platform
- BayCredits: Earn and spend using our very own internal currency system
- Cross-platform support (Web, Windows Phone and Android)
- Constant updates
- Support for deep developmental integration via platform features
- Ready and awaiting constructive criticism
- Designed from the ground up just for iOS
- Manage your services and employees
- Get offers from your favourite services
- Rewards for completing actions
- Powerful global (service level) calendar system

Whether you are looking for a service or wanting to put your service on the map, Onsbay is the one-stop-service for you.

So throw the big yellow paper book and get in with the future of services delivery with Onsbay. It's That Easy.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Business and Finance , Lifestyle , Productivity , Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2017 April AwardsBest Lifestyle App

Price: Free

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