Photo Tales - Create photo stories with your kids

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Photo Tales - Create photo stories with your kids

Photo Tales is a reading app that lets your family create memories with your kids through stories that can be customized.

An innovative reading app that uses personal photos set to a story that can be modified to make reading fun and enjoyable. Every child is different, so why not have a reading app that promotes that individuality to make reading fun and enjoyable so that they will want to read. Imagine being able to create personalized stories by modifying the set story to suite your own personal taste and personal photos as the story illustration.

Each sentence has several words that can be changed to make the story different. The illustration can be anything the reader wants it to be like a photo of themselves, their toys, favorite characters, or photo of drawings that they've made for the story. They can add icon stamps and doodle on the photos and stamps. The app lets each user be a story teller to create a memorable story that is special to them. Once they are done, they can save the stories and email them to friends or send them to other Apple devices with the Photo Tales app!

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: April 2015 AwardsBest App for Children and Toddlers 2015 October AwardsBest App for Children and Toddlers

Price: free to download

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