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Picksell is an Open Banking application for shopping and purchases and has no analogs in Europe. The service creates a full shop-client cycle, where users scan QR codes of products from various stores, and the application forms a single shopping cart for all items. Users pay directly from their accounts to the store, which saves businesses on acquiring and ensures the security of transfers in a single European format.

We were faced with a difficult and ambitious task — to implement a tool for the European market that facilitates the shopping process for customers and reduces business costs. This need has formed naturally: European banks work for a long time and ineffectively, collect insane fees for card transactions, which affects not only the business but also the convenience for ordinary customers.

However, in Europe, the Open Banking standard is in force — a new concept based on the use of open APIs. Competent integration of this standard into the work of Picksell made it possible to significantly save on acquiring for stores; the service is monetized through subscription.

To solve this problem, we have developed some tools:
Online showcase for customers where they can plan their purchases;
We have built a communication channel between the client and the store into the interface, following the standards of security and openness of the GDPR directive;
We created a system of QR codes, with the help of which customers can form a single cart of items from various stores to quickly and easily complete a purchase. QR codes also provide agents and opinion leaders with an easy and convenient way to sell a product with a pre-assigned agency fee;
We thought over and displayed in the interface different options for delivering goods to customers;
We have developed simple methods of marketing communication: personal discounts for store subscribers, price reductions for goods in carts, interaction with QR codes.

In just six months we have developed a unique ecosystem offering a set of services for working with orders, customers, and logistics: O2O - offline to online. It is a universal way of purchasing and paying for goods when links can be located everywhere: websites, QR codes on billboards, goods in offline points, messengers, TV, stickers. Such a system provides agents and opinion leaders with a simple and quick way to sell a product using a referral link or QR code, which already contains an agent's fee.

Thanks to the integration of the Open Banking standard, Picksell uses and analyzes bank data using the API, which makes it possible to make payments quickly and safely for customers, and for businesses to save on acquiring costs.

In a post-coronavirus world, the concept of an app is becoming even more relevant against the backdrop of the growing demand for online commerce and distancing the store and the customer.

Germany and its standards of work with Open Banking and GPDR were chosen as the initial springboard for the project. At the moment, the design of Picksell is geared towards functioning with German delivery addresses and invoices. However, in the future, it is planned to expand the geography of the project to other European countries, which will be appropriately displayed by us in the interface.

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Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Other

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2020 October AwardsBest Mobile App Design

Price: Free

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