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Download QUIFA and start feeling the emotion of the best real football live!
Live football like never before in a new experience. Predict the results of the best real soccer matches and follow the days with the maximum emotion. Feel the competition in the first person and face increasingly powerful rivals

Following your favorite soccer matches has never been more exciting than in the new QUIFA for mobile! Create your team, forecast every week the results of real football and follow the matches live. Hit and your team will climb positions in the standings. Play with your friends and show who is the best. Win the league, go up in division and let them know who is the real "O'rei do QUIFA"

QUIFA is a football game that you can install on your mobile for free. Playing is very easy, download it FREE and warm up, you will be playing in 3 minutes:

1. Register and create your team: You can choose the name of your team, their colors and the competition in which you want to participate. We will assign you to an official league of debutants and you can start playing on equal terms.

2. Play predicting real matches: Every day the most important matches of the competition will appear on the screen and you will have to guess which is the result of the match. Put a 1, if you win the home team, an X if you tie, and a 2 if you think that the visiting team will win easy, right?

3. Show that you are good: after a few days competing with other users, the top 5 of each group rise in a division and will face increasingly powerful teams. Will you be able to reach the Gold, league?

Real games:
Play each day predicting the results of Spanish football. The selected matches are those that make up the ticket for the Spanish pool (Spanish League 1st Division Santander, Spanish League 2nd division, Copa del Rei, Champions League, Europa League and National Teams.) Very soon, other competitions are available.

Official Leagues:
Compete from the first moment with other teams of your level. When you create your team, you will be assigned to a league of debutants like you. Find out about the last hour and analyze the matches. Do not miss any day and if you do not see it clearly, use doubles and triples to ensure your prognosis. Make the right decisions and see how your team improves in the classification.

Drops and Drops:
After a few days, a league ends and the best teams are rewarded with trophies and promotions. After the league of debutants, you will be able to participate in the Bronze League, then in the Planta League and you will only be one step away from the top ... THE GOLDEN LEAGUE Are you ready for glory?

Private Leagues:
Create leagues and invite your friends Who will be the best?

Updated Ratings:
Follow the day live, the results and your position in the league

Trophies and Free Coins:
Qualify for the best and meet the challenges to win prizes

Game advantages:
Use your coins wisely and secure your forecasts with double and multiples

Featured News:
Each Day is attentive to the main news about your league, will your team get on the cover?


QUIFA is a free game, but it contains coins and items that can be purchased with real money. Succeed in your competitions, get achievements or invite friends and get coins for free. An Internet connection is required to play but the data consumption is minimal once the initial download is made

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Entertainment

Nominated for: 2018 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2018

Price: Free

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