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RealLang is a platform mobile app where it allows English Learners to get connected with English Tutors from all over the world. Anyone who can speak English is eligible to register as a Tutor & anyone who wants to learn English is eligible to register as a Learner. However, a potential Tutor must go through an interview process for our RealLang quality control.

Through RealLang, Learners could experience English Call with talented English tutors from all over the world. Just through a few taps, a Learner can easily find a native/fluent tutor anywhere. And he/she can enjoy one-on-one conversation to learn English.

Regardless of time and place, a Learner could easily learn a foreign language with inexpensive cost. A Tutor could make a profit through sharing his/her language talent. This knowledge sharing platform service will eventually satisfy both the learner and tutor.

[Knowledge Sharing Platform]
Even if a Tutor is not an actual professor or teacher, as long as the person is talented in teaching, anyone could be a Tutor. In this way, a Learner could have more selections to receive an education experience that is more diverse in learning.

[On-Demand Foreign Language Platform]
Regardless of place and time, whenever a Learner wants to obtain a lecture, he/she could easily get connected with an online Tutor through a mobile.

[Realistic and Less Pressure on Fee]
Unlike the traditional learning course where a prepayment system takes place, the billing is done only for the amount of time that you talked with a Tutor. Thus, the system is realistically cheaper and has less pressure on the Learner.

[Both (a Learner and a Tutor) Win-Win Situation]
Both a Learner and a Tutor could benefit from the service as the Learner could choose his/her Tutor based on the information about different Tutors, and the Tutor has a freedom to decide on the lecture fee.

A lecture between a learner and a tutor could be held via mobile’s VoIP or video call, and additional tools such as chatting or sending an attachment during a lecture could be provided as a platform service.

Now! Through RealLang you can experience the real-time learning!

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Overall App of 2016

Price: Free

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