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When abroad still being able to use whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Facebook or any other app you want to use, without the risk of getting huge bills from your provider!

Normally, all apps instantly access the internet if you turn on the option "Internet (roaming) abroad". In the background there’s a variety of data downloaded: email/facebook/twitter updates, updates for apps and android itself, you name it. With a fast connection, you can download 10 MB in just a minute, the average costs are $ 3,- per MB so in a minute you spent $ 30,-.

Simply switch on roamy, select the app(s) you want to use and you’re done. All other apps are blocked. Additionally you can set a limit per app.

For example: We select Whatsapp, limit 1 MB (more than enough for over 150 text messages) If you’re sending photos or videos the limit is reached sooner. You can set a warning message when 80% of your limit is used. When the limit is reached, the app is cut off from the internet.

Don’t like to block individual apps? Use a global limit so all your apps have internet access until the data limit is reached.

Now you're able to use mobile internet and have no worries about getting huge bills from your provider.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Social Media / Networking , Tools and Utilities , Travel & Local

Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsOverall Best App of 2014

Price: Free

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