Roast Kings

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Roast Kings

Our App Roast Kings is a social media app where you go post and comment (roast) peoples pics/videos. Users post knowing that followers and others will be "roasting them" and they can roast back ( you can comment back with text, video, or picture ). When other users like your comment (roast) you get a point , as you collect points for your fun roasts you climb up the roast king rankings, starting pot as a peasant and working yourself all the way up to a grand master roaster.
We also have contests to where users are encouraged to go roast willing celebrities, whom will roast users back.Users with most points on these contests win Cash prizes. This gives users a chance to crack jokes with their favorite celebrity and actually have that person engage bar with them.This app is a place for users to go and have fun with one another and not have the social pressure of keeping up with the Jones, the personal rants and politics. Simply download Roast Kings and start having fun today.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Social Media / Networking

Nominated for: 2018 Overall AwardsBest Mobile App of 2018

Price: FREE

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