See Baby Grow

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See Baby Grow

The See Baby Grow app is an academic resource.

The See Baby Grow app is an academic resource which teaches the anatomy and physiology of prenatal development using rare medical imaging technologies to depict the human embryo and fetus in unprecedented detail, alive in the uterus, from fertilization through full-term delivery.

It also features documentary films of varying lengths and degrees of complexity, some with subtitles translating the scripts in as many as 92 languages, with which can be used for instructional purposes.

The ability to visualize every major aspect of the developmental process complements the app’s lesson plans, extensively footnoted and illustrated lecture notes, and its testing materials for every level of education. Sharable, age-appropriate curricular materials have been included for use by students in pre-kindergarten programs, elementary schools, middle and high schools, college, and graduate schools, as well as nursing and medical training.

The app’s interactive pregnancy illustrator can be fully personalized, and is intended to promote public health generally by teaching fetal/maternal health specifically. This feature uses embryoscopy, fetoscopy, and high-resolution ultrasound scans, as well as animations, illustrations, and diagrams created exclusively for this project.

The app’s prenatal news aggregator will contain stories reporting research published elsewhere in both the lay press and the periodical literature of medicine. Accumulating and indexing information related to advances in our understanding of embryonic and fetal development will help ensure that the See Baby Grow app remains relevant and useful to teachers, students, and pregnant women.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2023 - Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of 2023

Price: Free

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