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SkyLab ELD

SkyLab ELD App

---Market Need---
In the trucking industry, a new mandate requires certain vehicles to electronically log driving hours and for companies to operate within rules known as HOS (hours of service) required by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

---Our App Solution---
We have developed a unique solution that meets the FMCSA requirements by attaching a self-install ELD (electronic logging device) that plugs into the engine electronics port and communicates via Bluetooth to the phone application.

--Our Success Story---
With an executive team with deep understanding of this problem and a combined 60 years of industry experience, we have created an app that is easier-to-set up, easier-to-train and easier-to-use than comparable products on the market. Launching the company in late 2017, we are at 200% of our invested sales plan and feedback on the app is pacing to meet our goal of setting a new highwater benchmark for NPS in the ELD market. Just some of our recent commentary:

• “I don’t get calls from my drivers with questions or problems with the SkyLab ELD app, it just works”
• “Great price, great product and class A support. These guys know what they're doing”
• “I’ve used a couple of ELD Apps and SkyLab is the easiest by far”
• “I just opened the box and gave the hardware to the drivers and didn’t have to worry about scheduling or waiting on installs. It was really quick and easy, they just plugged in the devices and got on the road”

--How Our App Innovates the Industry---
Our app and self-install device innovates the industry - solving the current problems with other solutions. Problems and how we solve:
• Brings BYOD to Trucking – Bring your own device. Replaces expensive low quality in-cab screens commonly purchased to solve the problem. Any iOS or Android device can be utilized with our app.
• Minimizes the Mobile Data Cost Hurdle – Our application is set up to work from both wifi and the network with a minimal use of data.
• Self-Install Device Simplifies Hardware – Removes vehicle downtime and scheduling installer visits to the fleet.
• Automatic Updates – Replacing manual hardware updates via SD card or replacement screens, our app provides automatic future proofing to changing requirements and product updates.
• UX Simplified – Eliminating the common complaint of legacy solutions being hard-to-use, non-intuitive and requiring regular training, we’ve simplified the interaction to just a few button clicks greatly improving driver satisfaction.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2018 April Awards
Silver Award
Best new mobile app 2018 July Awards
Gold Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: From $14/Mo

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