sMart Sales & Services

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sMart Sales & Services

Anything you get and you share is a Statement. This tool primarily can be used to handle day-to-day Sales & Services activities. It also can be used for Promotional Ad, Quotation and Marketing Purpose. It comes up with following useful features.

1. A unique feature of this App is to design Invoice, Sales and Service, Payment Receipt, Estimated Bill and almost any statement related to one's business or profession using a Template tool. This tool is touch based, highly intuitive and super user friendly, almost no users' training is required. It has initial maximum 20 by 20 primary Rooms or blocks capacity (for free version it's total 64 including containing Rooms or blocks). Additionally, one can insert more Rooms inside a single Room. User will have greater and finer control on each Room of Template. Templates can be easily reused and shared with other users. Dimensions would be automatically adjusted as per native device dimensions.

2. To generate Invoice, Payment Receipt etc. attach template on-the-fly. It would generate statement in form of image.

3. No special formula or equation, use elementary mathematics, it will magically do all necessary and complex calculations related to one's business or profession and finally generate Statement. (for free version, it supports maximum 3 calculations at a time)

4. Use of Variants gives versatility to design template. Variants carry value, data, even image. They also carry underlying calculations related to one's business or profession. Variants can also be shared across with other users/devices.

5. It maintains data related to Customers (for free version, it's total 100 Customers), Invoices, Sales and Services, Estimated Bill, Appointments, Notes and more.

6. It gives easy access to Customers. One can make appointment with Customers, can contact using E-mail/SMS/Call and even meet.

7. There are improved local search like type & search and find from search list. Both are implemented altogether.

8. List in the search comes up intuitively with different color legends so that one can easily identify.

9. To share data with co-workers/ colleagues/ others or back up data is simple and secured with Military Grade AES Encryption.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2018 January Awards
Platinum Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: Free

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