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Solfile® Be at your Best.

Solfile® is a world-class personal development tool combining personality profiling methodologies with precisely applied academic wisdom and business practice. We’ll help you delve deeper to understand what truly makes you tick and succeed.

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It’s all about precision. Extensive workplace trial collaborations supported through proprietary algorithms (weighted, timely precision) provide. Solfile® Footprint and Discovery reports (out to 12 months) completely unique to you.

It’s your story, discover the true you.

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Solfile® Footprint

We all are gifted with an innate, individual Character Code. It dictates how we think and feel, what we like, and dislike. What makes us happy and what makes us sad. It also determines the social and professional areas that you’ll naturally excel in, and those that are better avoided.

Solfile® reveals your own Character Code, empowering you to understand your natural strengths.

- Who am I?

- What makes me comfortable?

- How I think and communicate?

- My wellness & happiness

- What direction is beneficial?

- Opportunities to grow

- What makes me unique?

- My social preferences

- What am I hiding?

Solfile® Discovery
Ever felt like you’re just having a ‘down day’? We each have our own unique rhythm, which means we’re better suited to tackling certain challenges at certain times. By plotting your performance peaks, Solfile® Discovery can map out the precise times that you’re best positioned to tackle specific tasks. We’ll also flag times when particular decisions are best avoided.

Once we’ve mapped your rhythm, Solfile® Discovery will tell you how to take action during these peaks, with personalised guidance on the best approach for your situation. So, when you have an important decision, task or goal to achieve, having Solfile® in your pocket will provide you the knowledge to be at your best.

Solfile® In Focus

Our In Focus option will allow you to seek my specific profiling insights into key events, opportunities and challenges, and answers to specific questions.

It’s your story, download your free trial now to discover the true you.

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