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Spruce’s mission is to build relationships and technology that empower local businesses to serve our customers. From full housekeeping to a quick tidy-up, Spruce is available to customers on-demand, in the palm of their hands. Spruce makes it simple for residents to book services through the app instead of taking the time to find and vet housekeepers, then coordinating 1:1 with them. Through the Spruce app, residents find Service Pros they can immediately trust, saving them time and energy. For the property manager, Spruce reduces the growing burden of managing multiple vendors, and its background checking and vetting processes provide security and oversight for the entire property. Spruce also helps local businesses build economies of scale in their operations and tech-enable their business so they can compete in the modern economy. The company helps local small and medium businesses grow exponentially, with some housekeeping companies growing from just six employees to nearly 100 because of the platform’s high business demand. Spruce optimizes locations of cleanings so a single Service Pro can attend to multiple units in one day, both efficient and eco-friendly. Spruce provides partner companies with access to their operations management platform and consolidates customer demand for them so they can operate much more efficiently. This saves time for the leasing team by only having to allow entry to one Cleaning Pro.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Lifestyle , Productivity , Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2022 Overall Award ContestBest Mobile App of the Year - 2022

Price: Free

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