Symblify - Life Made Simple

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Symblify - Life Made Simple

Symblify is a life coach app that helps you to deal with your life's complicated problems on your own. With Symblify, you can handle the problems in your life, career, relationships, family, or personal development in a simple and intuitive way. With the regular use of the app, you can increase your self-awareness and turn it into real changes in your everyday life. It works in a similar way to real-life coaching, as professional support comes from the app, while solutions come from you.

It's a life coach in your pocket for the price of a self-help book.


Do you have something that bothers you in your career, relationships, family or personal development? Just start a Symblify session, and in 20 minutes you will see things in a clearer and more organized way, from a different perspective and with a tangible next step in your hand.


When we say this is a unique & game changer app, this is not a usual marketing speech. Symblify is not just another life coaching app, it's not a habit tracker, it's not a goal tracker, it's not a meditation or relaxation app. It's an app that you can use to really coach yourself in an intuitive, easy, yet efficient way.

Why is Symblify different from other self-help applications?

- Because it uses powerful symbol cards to activate the right brain and let you use your whole mind (based on neuroscience and Gestalt psychology).

- Because it goes deeper than habits. It helps you understand your true motives, feelings and priorities, change the way you see your situations and, through that, find unexpected solutions to seemingly difficult problems.

- Because you don't need to use it regularly to experience tangible changes in your life. Sometimes one Symblify session is enough to start a change process in you. It's available in your pocket, and you can use it any time you get stuck, need an inspiration or want to change something in your life.

Symblify was developed by psychologists and life coaches. We put all our professional knowledge in the app from the fields of psychology, life coaching and neuroscience. We built it with care, including the design, graphics, workflow and texts, we wanted the whole look&feel of the app to be unique, simple and inspirational.


- Organize your thoughts and feelings by symbol cards

You can have any type of topic - a problem, a question, an idea – you would like to think through and take a step forward. You just open the app, start a new session and phrase your topic in the form of a sentence. You will then be asked questions and you can select from randomly appearing symbol cards in order to answer these questions. Symbols awaken your right brain and make those resources in your mind available which are usually in sleep mode.

- Julia, your life coach in Symblify

Through the session you are guided by a life coach avatar, Julia. Her speech is modeled on professional life coaches' sentences and questions, and is based on a solid psychological background. She encourages you to speak about your thoughts and feelings, allowing you to change perspectives and find new ideas. She helps you to think about your situation in an organized way, while your discoveries, solutions and next steps are done by you yourself.

- Concrete results and next steps

At the end of each session you are one step forward, compared to where you were when you started the session. This step is sometimes enough to solve the situation. Other times you have a new question emerged, and you are free to put it in a new Symblify session. You can then discuss your discoveries and resolutions with a friend or a family member.

You get a beautiful and compact visual memo about your session that you can use as a reminder or as a starting point for your next Symblify session. You can also use Symblify's simple and intuitive calendar function to plan your actions and track your tasks.


When you try the app for the first time, it's good to know that you should dedicate at least 20 minutes of undivided attention to it. And you will need a real-life problem, goal or difficulty as well. However it seems playful, this is a serious app, and in order to take effect, it needs your full attention. If you dedicate your time to it, you will be rewarded with tangible results.


We take the users' privacy very seriously. We do not collect ANY individual personal information about the user, we only gather the usual anonymous usage statistics of the app. No registration, no personal information is needed to use the app.


This is a premium app. You can buy the full app, with a powerful 'script' and a set of 130 symbol cards.

You have unlimited sessions in the app, there is no monthly subscription or any other limitations.

After you installed the app, you will be able to personalize it by getting more scripts and card sets for your needs via in-app purchases.

Scripts are session types in Symblify which differ in the questions and guidance you get as well as in the workflow you go through. What script is best for you depends on the situation you want to deal with and the goals you set.

Cards are important in order to move your imagination and boost the problem solving process. New card sets can unlock new resources and help new ideas to emerge in your mind.

We hope you will enjoy trying it as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Lifestyle , Productivity

Nominated for: 2018 May AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: $14.99

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