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For many, photos and videos hold invaluable memories of happy times, loved ones, important occasions, and beautiful places. The last thing you want is to lose access to these windows into the past if you accidentally misplace your phone or run out of storage space. This is where TeraBox comes in—a safe place to back up, sync, conveniently access, and share not only your photos and videos, but countless other file types across devices.

There are several other cloud storage products available in the market, but TeraBox rises above the competition in both price and available storage. Let's compare.

While Dropbox offers 2GB of free space with 1TB available for $9.99 per month and OneDrive offers 5GB of free space with 100GB of extra space available for $1.99 per month, TeraBox is the only cloud storage solution that offers 1TB (1,024GB) of permanent storage space at no cost. It's also fully compatible with Android, iOS, and desktop—syncing your files seamlessly across devices.

If 1TB of free space—which equates to approximately 3,000,000+ photos, 2,500+ video files, or 6.5 million document pages—doesn't quite cut it, users can upgrade to 2TB for $2.99 per month. While Google Drive also offers a 2TB subscription package, it costs $9.99 per month, roughly triple TeraBox's rate.

For any file size gurus out there, TeraBox ensures convenience for even the largest files. Users of TeraBox's free service can upload files as large as 4GB, while Premium subscribers can upload files up to 20GB. Further, TeraBox's sharing function has no limit on file size, so users can always share their files with others.

After you download TeraBox to your smartphone, you can choose between a normal (free) account or become a Premium member, gaining additional features and functionalities. See a breakdown of the plans below:

Normal Membership — Free
• 1,024GB (1TB) of storage
• Save up to 500 files
• Playback videos in up to 720P resolution
• Upload files up to 4GB in size
• Store up to 200MB of data in private files
• Access files in the Recycle Bin for 10 days

Premium Membership — $2.99 per month, after signing up for a seven-day free trial
• 2,048GB (2TB) of storage
• Ultra-fast download speeds
• Automatic original quality video backup, saving phone space (app only)
• Automatic file sync on Android phones
• Save up to 50,000 files
• Multi-speed video and sound playback
• Playback videos in up to 1080P resolution
• Upload files up to 20GB in size
• Extract files from the TeraBox Cloud
• Unzip online files up to 12GB in size
• Ad-free experience
• Store up to 2,048GB (2TB) of data in private files
• Access files in the Recycle Bin for 30 days

Available to all members, TeraBox ensures seamless file storage and management by:
• Automatically backing up photos and videos from your phone, with online photo preview and video playback
• Providing safe access to any file type on the app
• Easily archiving your files
• Downloading multiple files at the same time in your transfer list
• Enabling users to search for documents by name and keyword

Across the board, TeraBox is an innovative app that embodies the future of cloud storage by backing up, organizing, and protecting all the files on your devices, with built-in AI-powered search functions for ease of access.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Productivity , Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2022 May AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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