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Tik-Tak-Tumble is a combination Action/Puzzle game with an emphasis on Puzzle. The first 8 levels are tutorials to train the player to think of the game as Puzzle. Tik-Tak-Tumble is designed to offer players thousands of hours of fun and enjoyment. New elements are introduced as the player progresses through the levels with a promise that after level 100, and this is without exaggeration, Tik-Tak-Tumble will enter your dreams!

*Catch, Stack & Match*
Catch the colored blocks as they tumble down the conveyor belt. Toss the blocks down on the game grid and match at least 3 in a row.
- Vertical matches are the easiest to do.
- Horizontal matches get you more points.
- Diagonal gets you even more points.
- And matching 4 and 5 in a row scores you even more points.

*Save Friends*
There are selfie pictures that also tumble down the conveyor belt. Catch and drop them in the friend zone to save friends and score points. In addition to the cast of friends included in the game, logging in with your Facebook account adds the profile pictures of your real friends as well.

Even better, also logging in using your Facebook account allows you to record audible messages your real friends hear in their game.
An “Intro" message Heard when your selfie appears on the conveyor belt.
A “Happy" message Heard when your friend saves you.
A “Sad" message Heard when your friend misses.

The game has over 300 levels of fun including bonus levels that are unlocked during game play. You can also even observe your friends progress on the map as well.

*International Support*
Tik-Tak-Tumble has support for 23 languages and even supports a feature that allows you to change the language at any time. For languages like Hindi and Bengali for example, one's device may not support their native language but Tik-Tak-Tumble does. Naturally, if your phone, tablet, or browser is configured for one of our supported languages, the game automatically chooses that language

- English
- Chinese
- Bahasa Indonesia
- Bengali
- Hindi
- Portuguese
- Spanish
- Japanese
- French
- German
- Italian
- Dutch
- Danish
- Finnish
- Greek
- Korean
- Malay
- Norwegian
- Russian
- Swedish
- Thai
- Turkish
- Vietnamese

*Note: India being the 2nd largest country in the world, we found it odd that few gaming companies dare to handle any of the languages native to India. We have included Hindi and Bengali to showcase how our game engine handles these beautiful languages.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Other

App Categories: Action & Adventure , Arcade Games , Casual Games

Nominated for: 2016 Overall AwardsBest Mobile Game of 2016

Price: Free

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