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ToroAlerts mobile app brings Wall Street technology to the Main Street with accuracy and precision. Our investment firm (the C3 Fund) just launched a robot-advising app called ToroAlerts on iOS and Android that helps traders take the emotions out of trading. The app is integrated into an Artificial Intelligence Tool that uses Machine Learning and predictive analytics to identify buying and selling points, and then sends an alert the user.

ToroAlerts algorithm is licensed by The C3 Fund, who since 2017, has had an average annual return of 43% tracking the S&P500 with at least seven-figures in assets under management. in 2020 the same algorithm had an annual return trading cannabis stocks of 93%, outperforming $MJ by 147% and outperforming $POTX by 149%. 

Cryptocurrency returns in the C3 Fund over the last 52 weeks has been 875%. ToroAlerts will be adding crypto on its app just in time for the holidays, followed by options Q1 2022. All of us at C3 are committed to responsible investing as we exercise ethical management, while seeking to generate the highest level of returns. Responsible investing drives better outcomes for investors, our communities and the planet and is an integral part of our process.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad) , Web-Based Application

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2021 Winter AwardsBest New Mobile App

Price: Free

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