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UP 365

UP 365 is a mobile app that aims to encourage the practice of stock market investing rather than gambling or speculating in the stock market. The app includes tools that allow the user to analyze a company by: 1) understanding what the company does and how it makes money, and 2) viewing the company's financials in user-friendly charts and tables. These tools are to encourage the user to pay attention to the company behind each stock and to understand that each share of stock represents ownership in a business. The app includes investing tips and explanations of different business metrics in the "Read me" drop downs so that users will have the information necessary to learn the art of investing in stocks/businesses.

UP 365 also includes the $1,000 Investing Contest(s), in which users that register will get the chance to compete against one another to win $1,000 (paid out via PayPal). The winner(s) will be the user(s) that demonstrate they have honed the art of investing the best by earning the highest return for their portfolio in a one-year span. The contest is completely free to enter, compete in, and win. Each user will be given virtual currency to purchase stock with, so they have no true risks; just the opportunity to test and improve their investing skills and win $1,000!

Tools included in UP 365 to help with the discovery of stocks and analysis of their underlying companies:
- Discovery Route: includes stock market news and the biggest stock market gainers and losers for the day
- Indexes Route: There are stock indexes all over the world! The indexes map shows each major stock index in the world and its respective country
- Filter Route: allows users to filter out stocks based on certain criteria (e.g.: companies with profit margin 20%)
- Analysis Route: features the quick analysis tool that allows users to enter a company into the search bar and get quick financial metrics on the company. The user can get more information on the company by clicking the company card. This information will help the user to make wise investment decisions by investing in great companies!

Available in Apple's App Store now. Coming to Google's Play Store soon!

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance , Education , Social and Networking

Nominated for: 2021 Summer Contest
Silver Award
Best New Mobile App

Price: Freemium

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