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creative animated weather scenes crafted by artists, illustrators, and
photographers. A different kind of weather app that allows for infinite
possibilities of weather visualization built upon a 2D game engine.


· Theme Store with over 50 animated themes, including famous landmarks,
abstract weather art, and video game inspired art

· Our theme store allows independent artists to sell their own weather themes.

· Includes the beautifully animated Zen Tree theme and 4 other free themes to unlock.

· View the beautifully animated current and weekly weather forecasts

· Visuals and animations change based on conditions, time of day, wind speed,

· Simple interface keeps you in the visuals

· Add and save up to 7 locations

· Weather alerts

· Detailed written 36-hour forecasts

· UV Index

· Moon Illumination

· Sunrise and sunset times

· Get all the details by hour including conditions, temperature, wind speed,
and precipitation

· Weather Almanac

· Weather provided by Weather Underground

· User feedback driven upgrades

· Live Wallpaper coming soon for Android


Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Weather

Nominated for: 2014 Overall AwardsBest Weather App or Widget

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