World of the Wild

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World of the Wild

World of the Wild is a unique mobile game app created by My Green World. The mobile game
gives users an opportunity to participate in fun gameplay, while contributing to real-life wildlife
conservation and habitat restoration efforts. World of the Wild represents 17 global charities,
and each animal in the app represents a real-life charity. The game allows young individuals to become virtual wildlife conservationists and has gamified the concept of saving animals; allowing users to rescue, rehabilitate and care for animals and habitats within
their own carefully crafted world. Users have the ability to donate to charities specific to individual species, participate in educational pop quizzes, and connect with global charities. World of the Wild empowers the global community and transform online culture while restoring the natural world. It’s a change to the status quo; utilising online activism to achieve tangible results in conservation. World of the Wild is currently available in the iTunes store and is free to

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Educational

Nominated for: 2016 June AwardsBest App For Children

Price: Free

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