Xeropan - Language learning is PLAY

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Xeropan - Language learning is PLAY

Confidence. This is what Xeropan offers to language learners through an intuitive game powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Language learning is set in an adventurous story where the learner is the HERO! The learner is accompanied by Professor Max, the learners’ private language teacher and together they build a time machine to travel back in time to fix the world. Under this adventures story we offer unique lessons with actual topics, videos taken from every-day life such as film trailers and social media videos. Apart from that we reverse-engendered the game psychology of what the most popular games currently offer to their players and we implemented that into Xeropan so daily challenges, boss fights and a personalised learning route make the learner incredibly motivated.

Just picture it, you have a digital language teacher with whom you can have a chat on various topics. You get your phone out and start talking to him. Professor Max corrects you, motivates and helps you, like a native language teacher. He keeps buzzing in your ear to make you fight for your goal.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Education

Nominated for: 2017 Summer Awards
Silver Award
Best Educational App

Price: Free

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