Zig: Planet Tranquility

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Zig: Planet Tranquility

Zig is a peaceful, meditative, and relaxing game. Gather stars (in-game credits) to customize and battle millions worldwide with a leaderboard.
Download this meditative game on your phone or tablet!

PLEASE NOTE: Zig: Planet Tranquility is free to download and play, however some game items (star credits) can be purchased for real money.

This arcade game pits you against friends or enemies worldwide. Explore your planet and clash with enemies or friends via the leaderboard. Explore the fantasy tranquility planet as you dodge enemies and avoid death, becoming one of the most powerful fantasy Zigs in the world!

Customize your zigs, purchase new zigs, avoid enemie attacks, and beat your friends in this meditative game.

Free to Play: Live Leaderboard Online
Run your planet with this tranquil game!
Use your best real time score to brag! Or perhaps use it to get better and dodging and avoiding the enemies.

Play Peacefully: No Stress
Avoid the deception from enemies, become one with the music and use the force of a meditative mind to win. Use your Zig to defeat other players online from the leaderboard. In this action arcade game you’ll rise through the ranks to be the best.

Beautiful Atmosphere: Tranquil
The graphics in Zig: Planet Tranquility to keep you at peace. Your meditative focus will be on the gameplay and your eyes won't wander because of our immersive detail to the atmosphere.

Play Transiently: Meditative
Zig: Planet Tranquility's soundtrack is so meditative that you'll find yourself falling asleep while playing this addictive game.

Explore your own mind peacefully and achieve a top score of all time.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Arcade Games

Nominated for: 2017 Overall AwardsBest Mobile Game of 2017 2015 Overall AwardsBest Mobile Game

Price: Free

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