CommentSold Broadcast

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CommentSold Broadcast

CommentSold is the leading live video commerce platform that enables retailers and brands to create a live shopping experience for their customers.

With the CommentSold Broadcast app, retailers and brands capture and broadcast professional-quality video to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, branded mobile app, and website simultaneously. By multicasting across multiple channels at once, retailers and brands meet shoppers where those individuals are (e.g., Instagram, the branded mobile app, etc.) while also expanding their reach and growing their audience.

The CommentSold Broadcast app feed fuels retailers and brands’ live sale admin dashboard. Here they can keep an eye on their feed quality while they stream live to their customers, simultaneously being able to view customer questions, comments, and their status (e.g., VIP, first-time customer, etc.). This empowers brands to interact with customers in real-time, building rapport and brand loyalty.

For iOS users, the CommentSold Broadcast app offers the ability to upload short videos to specific products. Retailers and brands can capture short, highly-engaging videos, such as a product demo or styling video, and attach that video to the product record. Shoppers can view these videos when browsing products in-app and on the retailer’s website, and brands can easily feature these videos in shoppable Facebook and Instagram posts.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2023 March Award ContestBest Social / Lifestyle App

Price: Free: CS retailers

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