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Ceterus Edge Mobile

Small business owners are on-the-go, consistently challenged with making on-demand decisions about every aspect of the business, all the while ensuring happy customers and satisfied employees. Offering these entrepreneurs easy access to their financials in real-time empowers them to make informed decisions to increase their bottom line and support strategic growth. Until now, entrepreneurs have not had a mobile-ready accounting solution designed to manage their business on the go.

Ceterus Edge Mobile gives small business owners full insight into all of their critical financial information in an app designed specifically for them.

By automating the flow of data from unique sources (payroll, point of sale, bank accounts) into QuickBooks Online using automation rules and machine learning technology, Ceterus Edge Mobile has eliminated the tedious task of bookkeeping. Now, small business owners can access completed financials from their mobile device, paired with real-time insights and benchmarked reporting. This unprecedented real-time insight ensures accounting information becomes useful in the moment and forward-looking, and is not just a picture of the past, which is paramount to driving more strategic decisions for the future of the business.

Daily Insights, Future Planning, and Alerts
- Daily Cash and Sales: Daily sales and cash balances for each locations/businesses gives business owners daily updates on key metrics
- Cash Forecasting: Cash flow projections for 7 and 30 days into the future helps business owners ensure that they have enough cash on hand to pay for large expenses or optimize their working capital to invest in a new business location
- The Edge Valuation(SM) Tool: Scenarios to estimate the cumulative value of the business portfolio to show growth over time
- Consolidated Monthly Cash Flow:
- View cost of goods sold, revenue, net operating income, and expenses for all locations
- Review historical revenue and expenses for each business location
- Fraud Alerts: Highlights when there is a discrepancy that needs an owner's immediate attention
- In App Messaging: Empowers business owners to communicate directly with their Ceterus accountant
- Face/Touch ID Integration: Allows business owners to skip tedious username and password entry and open their Edge app with their face or fingerprint for quick and secure log-in
- Design: Clean user interface and unique data visualization tool helps business owners leverage at-a-glance insights when they are on the go and pressed for time

Compare to your peers & KPIs
- Benchmarking: Franchise or vertical-specific benchmarking in financial categories like revenue, net operating income, and key expense categories for at-a-glance insights into where they are doing well, where they need to cut costs, and where they need to invest time and resources
- Non-financial KPIs: Select franchise concepts have non-financial KPIs to give business owners the opportunity to see where their non-financial metrics are driving revenue, growth, and margin

Quotes from our customers:

“I access everything I need most frequently on my phone, so my financials are no exception. Having access to my financial information as well as non-financial KPIs at any time is key for running my businesses, and I love having franchise benchmarks so that I can see where each of my locations' strengths and weaknesses are. The year over year benchmarks are also critical metrics that I use to drive business decisions, so having that in my pocket is invaluable." - Sam Biggs, Multi-Unit Massage Envy Franchisee

"I love having Ceterus in my pocket! Having access to this critical information has really empowered me, and helped me take my businesses to the next level." - Steve Eddleston, Multi-Unit Planet Fitness Franchisee

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Business and Finance

Nominated for: 2018 October AwardsBest New Mobile App 2018 Overall AwardsBest Business & Productivity App of 2018

Price: Free

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