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Mobie is a powerful yet simple application that delivers a new level of
self-care and resolves most Android device health & performance problems
leading to a better overall user experience.

Mobie packs the power of 6
different apps in one. With its smart learning, Mobie helps users take control of
every aspect of Android phone – security, power, data, memory and
app performance– and enjoy their smartphone!

Key features: Six apps in one, Community powered with Real time
diagnostics, Forecasting and Extended power and data saving ability

? Power of six – Security,
Anti-theft, Power Management, Data use, Memory booster, App recommendations

• Security: Comprehensive security solution protecting from virus, malware,
madware and rogue apps that access personal information 
• Anti-theft: Remotely rings and locks lost/misplaced phone even in silent mode.

• Power Management: Smart learnings optimizes battery life by switching
modems based on usage and activating power saving settings when battery power
is critically low. Smart reminders to ensure the phone is powered when it is needed.
• Data: Proactively monitors data consumption detecting top data hogs on
mobile data and reduces data spend by offloading to Wi-Fi, which helps to get
in front of overage surprises.

• Memory booster: Boosts the speed of device by routinely detecting
and clearing cache files and browsing history

• Apps: Trusted advisor monitoring the health of apps ensuring
productivity based on usage.

? Power and Data Saving Profiles

• Manages mobile data, Wi-Fi, Blue tooth signals, volume settings and
extends battery life and free data use, prevents wasteful data spend for

o          Personalized locations –
Ex: Work, Home, School etc.

o          Specific time of the day
– Ex: Bed time

making transition between locations seamless. 

? Forecast and Plan 

• Forecasts battery life and data consumption based on device usage with
a simple easy to use slide bars

• Continuously monitors for data usage against indicated data plan
and alerts when consumption nears trigger levels.


? Real Time Diagnostics

• Works quietly in the background identifying security, connectivity,
and many device issues and resolving them as they arise without interrupting smartphone use.

• Provides insight into top power and data consuming apps.


? Community powered – Live
and active community  

• Compares user's device performance with that of others and learn best
practices to enrich user experience.

• Tells the top apps used in the community - By category, By country.

• Recommends apps that may help based on community use.

• A trivia section to simply enjoy and test how well users know their device.

• Provides latest industry news to stay current on technology.

• Tips on best practices to maintain health of the device.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android

App Categories: Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2013 Overall Awards
Platinum Award
Best App of 2013

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