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NoiseGate is the only iOS application that focuses exclusively on the dangerous impact of noise pollution on health and mental wellbeing. The app was developed by a group of master class students of the Apple Developer Academy in Napoli, Italy, and is available for free on the Apple iTunes App Store as the first app published by the 2017/2018 academy alumni.

To date, noise pollution is one of the most dangerous forms of pollution because it is silent. Beyond its effects on the auditory system, noise causes discomfort, disturbs sleep and compromises cognitive performance. Furthermore, evidence from epidemiological studies show that environmental noise is associated with an increased incidence of arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke. The victims of this form of pollution are practically anyone in any urban environment in the world.

The NoiseGate app allows you to be more aware of your noise exposure and to contribute to a better understanding of noise pollution as a common problem. You can measure the actual noise level in your current position and obtain further analysis to make better decisions on how to avoid high noise levels over time. Simultaneously, you contribute as "citizen scientists" to the creation of a global map of noise level distribution.

With the intuitive design and a user friendly interface, it is very easy to analyze the noise level in real time or dig deeper into the knowledge of the problem thanks to the thermal noise maps that allows you to view the distribution of noise all over the world. Our strong focus on a simple but meaningful user experience, combined with a colorblind-proof design pushes us far beyond the many applications in the utility and health categories. In addition, NoiseGate is the "first mover" app in an unexplored segment of the iOS ecosystem that provides a toolset for solving an individual issue and translating it into an awareness community.

NoiseGate supports the latest Apple products such as the iPhone 11 or XR as well as iOS 13 and utilises a privacy first approach by abstaining from storing any personal data and using CloudKit as a backend service. Additional features such as Voice Over and Switch Control ensure accessibility and localisations in English, Italian, German, French, Greek, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese (more in production) make NoiseGate an easy to use and globally available product.

NoiseGate empowers you not only to be aware of noise pollution but also to pursue a more mindful and more healthy lifestyle. Use NoiseGate to be aware & escape noise pollution.

The app was developed with love at Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy.

Devices and Platforms Supported: iPhone / iPad

App Categories: Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2019 Summer Awards
Gold Award
Best Mobile App Design 2018 April Awards
Silver Award
Best mobile app design

Price: Free

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