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NQ Mobile Vault

Consumers are using smartphones more often and for more activities. We leave our phones sitting out in the open. We hand them over to friends, family, colleagues and even employers to show our latest vacation photos. Or we pass them to our children so they can play “Angry Birds” during a long car ride. In any of these cases, we’re leaving our potentially sensitive private information exposed.

In the past, smartphone privacy was an all or nothing proposition--either you chose to share your phone and expose ALL of your content or you kept your phone to yourself. NQ Mobile Vault was developed to change all this.

NQ Mobile Vault eliminates the privacy risks consumers face if their phones are stolen or simply if they have something they'd prefer others not see. The app empowers them with a safe, password-protected and encrypted place to store their sensitive data such as pictures and videos safe from unauthorized access.

One of NQ Mobile Vault's newest features (released October 2012) allows users to communicate with their Facebook friends through their secure NQ Mobile Vault, ensuring their private messages are never exposed. This feature is also available as a standalone Facebook app (https://apps.facebook.com/nqvault/), so users can chat securely whether they are on a mobile device or using a browser on a computer.

Other Innovative features include:

- Ability to automatically secure any photo or video taken with the app's camera function

- Break-In Attempts Monitor (premium feature) snaps a photo of intruders in the act

- SecureCam Login (premium feature for iPhone) uses the camera to open the log-in keypad, adding an extra layer of security

- Stealth Mode (Premium feature for Android) hides the Vault icon from the apps screen, so no one but the user knows it's there

- Vault Online (Premium) backs up user's private contacts, photos, videos, call logs and SMS logs into his/her private cloud

NQ Mobile Vault is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Feature sets vary between versions as a function of the differing application development environments, however all versions present immediately relevant and desirable protection while providing invaluable peace of mind.

NQ Mobile Vault is the perfect solution for people who want to protect the information on their mobile phones from falling into unauthorized hands. It is ideal for celebrities, BYOD employees with nosy bosses, parents who want to keep kids from going through their photos and videos, or just anyone who puts their smart device into someone else's hands.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iPhone / iPad , Windows Phone

App Categories: Tools and Utilities

Nominated for: 2013 Spring Awards
Platinum Award
Best App - Spring 2013

Price: Free (Premium subscriptions: $19.99/yr)

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