The Values App

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The Values App

The Values App is the world's first online tool designed to enable groups to identify their common values from the ground up.

Traditionally, the CEO, marketing team, or even an external agency have been tasked with defining a company's core values. As a result, organizations often end up with a set of stated values that don't authentically reflect the values of their team.

Research shows that an aligned company culture improves productivity by 25%. Additionally, an article by Harvard Business Review states that 50% of the competitive difference between companies in the same industry results from a healthy culture. Culture emerges from the behaviours of individuals on a micro and macro scale. It is both the "why" we do things - and the way we interact. Well-defined core values are the foundation upon which culture is created.

The Values App supports the development of an aligned, inclusive and trusting culture. It enables companies to quickly identify their authentic core values - based on what is most important to their employees.

Key features of the Values App:
- Employees browse nine categories of values. They are directed to select the values that are most important to them.
- The categories encompass well-being, career, societal impact, relationships, high-performance characteristics, and more.
- After selecting the values that resonate most strongly, they use a drag and drop interface to prioritize their top values.
- The final step is a rating tool where they rate alignment with each of their top 5 values.
- Users are then presented with an interactive dashboard, showing their top 5 values and current alignment results.
- They can continue rating their personal values-alignment for the next 12 months.

From a company perspective, the toolkit is straightforward to deliver.
- The Values Institute provides an access coupon for the app.
- Companies supply an optional a custom welcome message and logo so that the experience is co-branded and relevant.
- Staff register and complete the values discovery process.
- The Values Institute delivers a report detailing the top 10 values that are most common within the group.
- Optionally, the Values Institute offers a live webinar explaining the significance of the values selected by the team.

Of course, companies may not implement all of the values discovered by the Values App. For example, a company may have aspirational values, or the leadership team might be reinventing the culture. The Values App provides insight into what is most important to a group of people at a point in time. The group report is a powerful conversation starter and signals the company's willingness to listen and co-create their culture. From a leadership and transformation perspective, this tool is a mirror that answers the question, "who are we?" in a simple and proven way.

The Values App has another feature, designed purely for tracking purposes. Any company can enter their predefined values into the tool and ask employees to track alignment with those values on an ongoing basis.

The Values App is available online via web browser, includes nine categories and 99 value factors. Each value includes a popup descriptor to provide clarity. Setup takes less than a day, and volume pricing is available. The tool takes less than 10 minutes for each user to complete.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Web-Based Application

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Nominated for: 2021 September ContestBest New Mobile App

Price: $5

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