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Most Commonly Downloaded Apps for Smartphone Beginners

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You did it! You got your first smartphone. Now you’re ready to begin the magic that everyone has been telling you about - downloading mobile apps. It can be a stressful thing deciding between different apps because you never truly know if you’re making the right call or not.Don’t you worry, because that is why we are here. We will explain below the best apps to download in some critical categories of every day smartphone usage, regardless of having iOS or Android operating systems.Social B...
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Great App Idea? Validate It First

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You are out with friends at the bar and all of the sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks. You have the best mobile app idea of all time. You have solved the greatest modern day problem for your generation since dial up internet and you intend to create a mobile app to become the solution. The issue is you were a few drinks in and so were your friends who could not agree with you more about how great your mobile app idea is. What do you do when your friends are laughing at the idea the next morning and you...
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