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2013 Best Mobile App Awards Announced

2013 Best Mobile App Awards Announced

Posted in Winner Announcements on January 14, 2014

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Best Mobile App Awards would like to congratulate the following 2013 winners:

2013 Overall Best Social / Lifestyle App

Platinum Award - Alphega

Gold Award - Wired Italia

Silver Award - Foodler

Platinum Winner Highlight:

Alphega is an incredible app that creates opportunities to see nearby updates from all the major social networks. This app will shift the way people view social networking, as it is directly related to the location in which the users are in.

2013 Overall Best Game

Platinum Award - Pokerist: Texas Poker

Gold Award - Drift Mania Championship 2

Silver Award - Tournament slot machine

Platinum Winner Highlight:

Pokerist: Texas Poker took top honors in this year’s competition as the Overall Best Game winner. This mobile app is essential for any poker enthusiast or occasional player, alike. The easy to use interface allows any mobile user to be playing at the tables in no time.

2013 Overall Best App

Platinum Award -

Gold Award - NQ Mobile Security™

Silver Award - Tempo Smart Calendar

Platinum Winner Highlight:

Sunglasses enthusiasts have always wanted to buy sunglasses online, but never knew how they would look with them without trying them on. In comes that allows mobile users to virtually try on thousands of varieties, scaled to fit the user’s face.