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Anthem Anywhere

Anthem Inc. is one of the nation's leading health benefits providers in the U.S. We are working to transform health care with trusted and caring solutions. Our health plan companies deliver quality products and services that give their members access to the care they need. Our newly released mobile app, called Anthem Anywhere, is one of our key strategies to help deliver on that promise by creating a personalized, compelling experience that helps consumers navigate their health and health care decisions.

Anthem Anywhere allows members to find nearby urgent care centers, ERs, doctors and pharmacies covered by a member's insurance plan. It also gives members instant access to their ID card, which can be emailed from the app, and much more. Anthem Anywhere is one of many ways that we are delivering on a digital transformation strategy that provides consumer-grade experiences across all digital channels.

As the industry and ecosystem has changed, so too has Anthem. Anthem has invested and evolved to support the new consumer, increasing our mobile and online presence year after year. Our members are responding to our advances with rising consumer satisfaction approval ratings that illustrate the progress we are making while we change the foundational platforms to allow for future capabilities and growth.

What's obvious is consumers want more from their health plan; specifically, what they experience in their everyday lives: easier, more engaging and personalized interactions, available when, where and how they want it. This is where the name Anthem Anywhere was born. It's about breaking away from the competitive pack and changing our industry by aligning with best-in-class, user-centered design practices to deliver modern, simple and engaging digital experiences. Anthem understands that mobile devices are changing how consumers think, feel and act. From shopping, banking to gaming, media and entertainment, mobile is creating valuable opportunities to engage with consumers in new ways, at new times, and in new places.

In parallel, consumers are being asked to take on more of the health care cost burden and their expectations, shaped by retail companies, include better services and experiences. They demand more personalized, meaningful interactions that are convenient, accessible and support easy decision-making. In designing Anthem Anywhere, we knew that we needed to create:

o Modern, consistent and intuitive digital experiences to meet consumer needs
o A user-centered design approach to deliver personalized, relevant and integrated solutions

When reimagining our mobile experience, we first established redesign tenets to guide our decisions:

o Simplify & Minimize
o Be Consistent
o Guide Members
o Be Relevant
o Engage Members
o Be Flexible

But we didn't stop there. Not only did we redesign the app, but we also reimagined our content, creating Anthem's new bedside manner when speaking to our membership. We aligned our approach with our brand - a genuine, approachable company made of people. We use an inclusive, task-focused voice that highlights a target of action and/or its benefit. When speaking about caregiving, we used the power of naturally simple, compassionate words in order to build trust. Anthem Anywhere speaks like a real person, using plain language rather than insurance jargon and employing the pronoun “we" to let the visitor know we are in this together. Anthem Anywhere is the embodiment of Anthem's commitment to make health care simple so our members can focus on their health.

Anthem places a high priority on e-Health, starting at the top. Meg Rush is Anthem's Vice President of Digital Solutions, reporting into Anthem's Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Patrick Blair. Patrick reports directly to our CEO Joe Swedish. Meg has extensive consumer and digital experience, and she joined Anthem five years ago after serving as vice president of product management and design for WebMD Health Services.

Meg leads up a team of more than 100 associates, directly supervising four staff vice presidents and two directors. The Digital Solutions team includes interaction designers, user experience researchers, digital product managers, copy writers and analytics experts. The Digital Solutions team reviews our strategy and roadmap with a Digital Governance Team, which includes representatives from Anthem's customer service, clinical, claims, benefits, legal and privacy and other teams to ensure that our digital priorities are embedded in every aspect of the organization.

From the top leadership on down, Anthem recognizes that our digital solutions team needs to deliver experiences that engage and build loyalty among consumers. Anthem Anywhere demonstrates how we are building superior digital experiences through intuitive, simple and personalized interactions achieved by improvements in our approach and technology solutions. We hope you find our redesign is one worth recognizing and remembering, we and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Devices and Platforms Supported: Android , iOS (iPhone / iPad)

App Categories: Health & Fitness , Maps & Navigation , Tools and Utilities , Other

Nominated for: September 2016 AwardsBest Designed Mobile App

Price: Free

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