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11 Best Apps for Poetry Writing

11 Best Apps for Poetry Writing

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on April 24, 2024

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The invention of apps tailored for poetry writing has transformed how poetry is created in the modern era. These apps serve as a platform for composing and saving poems and offer a wide range of features to improve the writing process. They include tools for finding rhymes and synonyms and connecting poets from around the world, catering to the needs of poets at all skill levels.

This article delves into eleven top tools for writing poetry, each with its distinctive qualities. Whether you want to capture sudden bursts of creativity, join worldwide writing contests, or explore a wide collection of poetry for inspiration, these apps cater to all poets. Moreover, if you are in a lack of time for your poetry creation and you are busy with homework, you can easily turn to DoMyEssay to write my dissertation request and put all your effort into a masterpiece.  They turn smartphones and tablets into effective platforms for expressing poetry, making it easier and more exciting than ever.

11 Best Apps for Poetry Writing

Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant is an app for Android and iOS users that provides various tools for creating poetry. The app includes:

  • A built-in glossary.
  • A feature for looking up definitions.
  • Functions for counting characters and words.

Its text-to-speech function makes it easier for poets to listen to their work being read aloud. Suitable for poets of any level, the app aids creative writing by making finding the perfect words and phrases easier.

Miraquill (Formerly Mirakee)

Miraquill, formerly known as Mirakee, is a platform and app for creative writing and poetry accessible on both Android and iOS devices. It brings together writers, poets, and readers worldwide through creative prompts and the option to write, edit, and share their stories or poems. Users can customize their posts with images and different fonts, making it a central place for artistic self-expression. The platform promotes engagement and feedback, providing a lively environment for exploring poetry.


JotterPad, downloaded on Android devices, is designed for authors, scriptwriters, and bloggers. This adaptable application enables users to format their work and convert it into different forms easily. It is perfect for writers who must conform their content to different publishing requirements, offering a simple and intuitive interface. JotterPad streamlines the writing process, making it a valuable tool for professional writers and hobbyists.

Poetry App

The Poetry App created by the Poetry Foundation is accessible on Android and iOS devices. It contains a collection of poems covering a variety of genres, such as love, nature, and celebration. It is a writing aid and a source of inspiration and learning. With a wide selection of poetic works available, users can use it to explore various styles and themes in poetry.

Rhymer's Block

Designed specifically for iOS users, Rhymer's Block is a one-of-a-kind app that provides cloud storage, inspiration, and suggestions for rhyming words. It is specifically created for poets and lyricists, offering immediate help finding the right rhyme. The app's feature of storing and syncing work across different devices makes it a trustworthy tool for writers who are always on the go, guaranteeing their creativity flows smoothly.

Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad is a user-friendly app for writing songs, poems, and rap lyrics, available on Android and iOS platforms. It provides helpful tools such as rhyming words, synonyms, and efficient note-taking features. This app is designed to help lyricists and poets create verses with accuracy and creativity, making it an essential resource for those in the music and poetry industries.

Writer App

The Writer App is a specialized tool for Android devices that streamlines the editing and storage of poetry and similar works. It offers a variety of options for formatting text, including different fonts, colors, and themes. The app arranges content chronologically, simplifying the management and retrieval of past writings. It is especially beneficial for taking notes, making it a valuable resource for poets and writers.

Blackout Bard

Blackout Bard is an innovative Android and iOS app that promotes poetry creativity. Users can generate unique and visually striking poems by blacking out words in a text. The app encourages users to explore different word combinations, fostering artistic expression in a visually stimulating manner.


For $1.99 on iOS, Poetics is a groundbreaking app that enhances the visual poetry experience. It allows poets to incorporate expressive graphics and images into their poems with various font, color, size, scale, and angle editing options. This app is perfect for modern poets who combine visual art with poetry, providing a flexible platform for creative and experimental expression.

Poetry Magazine App

The Poetry Magazine App offers many tools and resources for poets at all experience levels. It provides access to a diverse collection of poems, serving as a valuable source of inspiration and education. The app is perfect for poets exploring different styles and genres, expanding their creative horizons and inspiring fresh ideas in their writing.

Instant Poetry!

Instant Poetry is a user-friendly app available for Android devices that is ideal for poets who enjoy interactive wordplay and appreciate feedback from other users. Its category-based search feature allows users to easily find poems and share their compositions with a supportive community of fellow poets. This app is perfect for poets looking to connect with others and receive constructive criticism on their work, offering a platform for sharing and discovering new poetry


In conclusion, the poem-writing app plays a significant and transformative role for users.

The emergence of specialized apps has greatly improved the field of poetry writing. Each app mentioned in this article provides distinctive features that assist poets throughout the creative process, from generating ideas to sharing and receiving feedback. These apps have made poetry more accessible, offering poets the tools to improve their skills and reach a wider audience. Whether you are a beginner seeking inspiration or an experienced writer wanting to share your work, these apps offer valuable resources to support and enhance your poetry journey.