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4 Keys to More Awareness for your App

4 Keys to More Awareness for your App

Posted in Mobile App Marketing on April 16, 2014

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If you are a mobile app developer out there building the latest and greatest technology, you have great development talent, but what about marketing? How will you get the masses to learn about, and if you're lucky, try your new app to make it a large success?

Below are four tips to boost the awareness of your app and increase the likelihood of gaining a substantial following. These followers and users will be the reason your app will succeeds or flops.

Create a Website

Just because you're creating an app in the app stores does not mean you do not need a website. When your apps will always be downloaded through an app store, a large majority of users will find out about your app through the web.

Use a blog on your site for fresh content about your app, your industry, your status of development, or anything to keep potential users coming back for more news.

Use your website as your commercial. There is much more flexibility and ad space, if you will, on your website than you will have in the app stores. Learn to use your App Store space to the best of your ability through ASO.

Entice your Users

People love exclusive and, better yet, free stuff.  Create a giveaway or a teaser of sorts to capture valuable information from the potential users like an email address.

Be creative in how you pull people in. Not only will you get their emails, but you hope they are impressed enough from your pitch to tell others and get them involved with the app as well.

Shout from the Hilltops

Carefully plan your launch date and have coordinating press alongside it. Contact publications, news outlets, and blogs all related to your app and audience. When reaching out, sell your pitch personally to each outlet. Understand the audience they want to reach and cater your pitch to something they would want to write about.

Start reaching out early to get writers on board to talk about your app as soon as the app launches. Media outlets pride themselves on being the one supplying the breaking news. Utilize that leverage when you find it necessary to benefit your press coverage.


When your app does go live, the work in just beginning. Encourage happy users to give feedback and review your app. The more advantageous reviews you have the better your app will appear in the App Store search results.

On the other hand, if the reviews are subpar, you are able to fix your app and show users you are dedicated to creating a product that suits their needs.