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What Are the 6 Best Apps to Write a Dissertation or Thesis?

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on May 08, 2024

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Writing a dissertation might be very difficult for most students. The requirements for this kind of academic paper are stricter & more demanding. You need to conduct thorough research, analyze a lot of information, arrange your thoughts logically, make sure the coherence of the paper is smooth, format your dissertation correctly, and do many other little things to create a solid paper. If you need dissertation writing help, read more. However, you may relax and enjoy the writing process if you utilize certain mobile apps.

What are the 6 most useful mobile apps to craft a compelling dissertation?

If you want to make your study life easier, you would better consider using one or a few of the following mobile apps:


Editing & proofreading help is essential when composing the first draft of your dissertation. Grammarly is a mobile app that will help you identify and use the suggested solutions to make sure the paper is grammatically correct. Besides, you may start a free trial to benefit from basic features. Suppose you need plagiarism-checking assistance and more proficient help, you may buy a Premium Account. 


If you need visuals for your dissertation, Canva mobile design app may help you with them. There are plenty of templates and graphics that you will only have to drag and drop. With it, you will make sure your conceptual frameworks are well-designed. 


When composing a dissertation paper, you might need to take lots of notes. Evernote is an outstanding mobile app that helps record your productivity and take notes in various formats. For instance, you might record the interviews, snap the slides, and type text with it. Also, you may sync your information with your tablet, desktop, laptop, or smartphone. 


To prevent your hard work from being lost due to stolen laptops, tea-soaked computers, low-quality flash drives, and many other possible calamities, using the Dropbox cloud storage mobile application is a must. Your information will be safely stored plus it will be easy to synchronize your dissertation work files with multiple other devices. 


When writing your dissertation, you need to keep in mind all the theoretical frameworks, approaches, methods, and other valuable information. Therefore, it might be too complicated for you to see the big picture and organize all the important components. With the Freemind mind-mapping application, you will arrange all the pieces of information and present a coherent paper.


The mobile app that can convert spoken words into typed text - this is what Otter is all about. It might be useful if you want to speed up the writing process or want to compose your dissertation while using a transport. With this software, your dissertation text will be transcribed and possibly to be edited manually.  

With these mobile software tools, you will write your dissertation much faster & more efficiently. They are obligatory for each student who lacks time or confidence when it comes to writing. The mobile apps & custom dissertation writing services are vital for all the students who want to be academic superstars.