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8 Marvelous Tools To Proficiently Develop Awesome Cross Platform Apps

8 Marvelous Tools To Proficiently Develop Awesome Cross Platform Apps

Posted in Technology on October 28, 2015

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While the explosion of mobile devices has offered end users with myriads of mobile devices exhibiting a range of remarkable features, it has complicated the mobile app developers' job. It is not easy to target multiple mobile platforms with a flair, and if you will try to do so, it will surely elevate the development cost. Now, that is something that you won't want.

Since each platform features distinct capabilities and functions, developers are required to go an extra mile to develop an application that can run seamlessly on a range of mobile platforms with a single code base. Luckily, there are several resourceful mobile application development tools that make multi-platform mobile application development a simple and effective task.

These brilliant tools reuse the code base by making a few requisite changes to target each platform. This allows you to develop a desired application without any need to reinvent the wheel. If you are interested in developing a cross platform application, a huge variety of available options can confuse you. To help you make an optimal choice, here are some of the outstanding tools for your consideration; let's explore them.

1. Kony

This enterprise mobility platform offers a slew of resourceful tools that allow businesses to proficiently develop useful applications from a single code base. While it facilitates one to integrate existing or third party libraries, it also comprises drag and drop reusable widgets, and implements JavaScript. Furthermore, this stunning tool also offers multiple cloud service and middleware tools, with its Mobile Fabric platform. You can test its performance beforehand by giving a try to its free trial.

2. iFactr

You can ensure a smooth and flawless interaction among your workers by offering them a secure and valuable enterprise application. Yes! iFactr is a fabulous cross platform application development tool that is quite easy to use. It has a low learning curve so you can easily get started with this tool, and develop a requisite application. It features Xamarin and PhoneGap that help one to compile its native applications on iOS, Android and other platforms.

3. RhoMobile

Developed at the top of Ruby, RhoMobile is an excellent open source development tool. It allows one to develop native apps for a range of fabulous smartphones and operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, RIM, and Symbian. With this framework, you will only need to code once, and it will proficiently tweak and reuse the code to generate applications to run appropriately on other platforms. It, thus, delivers effective, efficient and expedite performance.

Moreover, this tool comes complete with RhoHub and RhoSync. RhoHub offers a viable development environment, while RhoSync facilitates a standalone server that helps maintain the application data on users' devices.

4. Whoop

Whoop is an interesting tool that makes mobile app development an easy and effective task even for those who don't possess programming skills. However, its performance won't be same as that of any other high end development tool, but it can surely help you develop a requisite application with a flair. It features a WYSIWYG editor that is equipped with a simple drag and drop function, thereby allowing one to conveniently create a desired look and feel with suitable UI elements. Moreover, it also allows one to export an application in various formats to meet the design aspects of different operating systems.

5. PhoneGap

PhoneGap is one of the most popular frameworks for cross platform development. It implements standard web languages JavaScript and HTML and is based on the Apache Cordova project. This Adobe tool is absolutely free to use, which further adds to its credibility. It supports a list mobile platforms, and facilitates developers to efficiently work with a slew of native features of a device like camera, GPS, accelerometer, and so forth. You can proficiently start working with this tool via the included Adobe AIR application, which facilitates an easy access to the native APIs, and augments mobile application development on its own platform.

6. MoSync

MoSync is yet another worthwhile application development tool that allows one to develop an app that runs smoothly on various mobile platforms. It relies on standard web programming and provides integrated libraries, compilers, device profiles, and a list of other useful tools. It supports a range of mobile operating systems and programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, C/C++ and a lot more.

7. Appcelerator

The Titanium Appcelerator has a formidable fan following and is extolled for its marvelous features. It aids cross platform app development while ensuring a native look and feel. It implements web development languages, including Ruby, JavaScript, Python, HTML and PHP. It facilitates an easy access to more than 300 APIs and location info. Moreover, Appcelerator also allows one to store the data either on the device or in the cloud, so you may choose to develop an entirely hardware-based application.

8. Onsen UI

Available under Apache license, Onsen UI is a wonderful HTML UI framework that offers valuable, custom element based application development. This open source tool implements Topcoat framework and Angular directives, while supporting jQuery UI components. You can create a ravishing front-end for your app by either implementing jQuery or Angular, the choice is completely yours.

The included ready to use components make it easier to get started with this framework, and results in agile app development. Furthermore, it also helps create a native application, as it supports PhoneGap and Cordova.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of the top-notched tools that heighten cross platform mobile application development. You can choose a suitable one by keeping your project goals and target audience in mind.

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