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Matchup: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung s5

Matchup: iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung s5

Posted in Technology on September 21, 2014

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The ever anticipated event happened on Tuesday, September 9th. Tim Cook displayed the latest and greatest Apple has to offer. Today, those latest and greatest creations are officially on sale. 

Many people, especially Android fans, are laughing at the new Apple products since so many claim that they have had the same features on their Samsung s5. 

Below you’ll see a few of the key features compared between the two devices: 

Size: iPhone = 6.22 x 3.06 x .28 in. vs. s5 = 5.59 x 2.85 x .32 in. 

This is tough to call a clear winner because size is relative. For some, size can be too big to make it a useful device, let alone being able to fit in your pocket. Others enjoy the large screen size to just about replace their tablet. 

Storage: iPhone = 16/64/128 GB vs. s5 16/32 GB 

There is a large discrepancy between the numbers for both devices. If you are one to live off your phone and nothing but your phone, the larger storage on the iPhone might be your best bet. If you have multiple devices that you can share storage with you have better options of picking between the Samsung and iPhone. 

Price: iPhone = $650, $200 with 2-year contract vs.s5 = $650, $200 with 2-year contract 

Not much to discuss here. This can’t sway you either way. 

Camera: iPhone = 8MP, 1.2MP Front vs. s5 = 16MP, 2MP Front 

If you’re a photographer, take notice. Both cameras on the Samsung s5 are significantly better than the iPhone. This could be a larger selling point to many users who now do all of their picture and video taking on their mobile device. 

Today you can go find out for yourself at the closest Apple store and not only compare the 6 with the 6 Plus, but jump over to your favorite carrier store to view the Samsung s5 that launched in April.