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Mobile Apps as Tools for Enhancing Writing Skills and Preventing Plagiarism

Mobile Apps as Tools for Enhancing Writing Skills and Preventing Plagiarism

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on April 23, 2024

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Nowadays, students face many issues related to writing and seek ways to boost their writing skills. One of the main goals of a modern student is to become a good writer and be able to craft masterpieces that teachers will appreciate. Our article will help you find out about the most effective mobile apps you can use to enhance your writing skills.

By the way, preventing plagiarism is one of the most important features of an effective writing app. If you need a plagiarism check, that meets your standards, then plagiarismcheck org appears to be worth trying.

Why use a mobile tool to enhance writing skills?

If you have never tried using tools to improve your writing performance and prevent plagiarism, you might have questions about whether you need to do it. According to feedback from students, anyone can get many benefits by exploiting mobile apps that boost the quality of texts and help them learn more about writing. We hope

Oxford English Dictionary

Any student can download the useful mobile app from the Oxford University Press and start feeling much more confident about his or her level of English. This useful app allows one to access information from the fullest English dictionary. Being a student means not only being good in formatting and structuring but also in the correct use of words and flawless spelling. The app will let you find out the meaning of any word. With this mobile app, you will be able to check the correctness of grammar and pronunciation on the go. This app will fit non-English speakers and native speakers as well. You can use it on any operating system.

Pro Writing Aid

This app is among the favorites of many students of different levels. The benefits of Pro Writing Aid include the ability to edit and polish any text. You will easily get rid of all types of mistakes, including grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic ones. Students can use different versions of the app: a free one and a premium one. A paid version allows users to access a wide range of fiction as the app makes the process of working with any text very productive. With Pro Writing Aid, you will be able to boost your style as the app recognizes the context of the subject.


You will like this mobile tool if you are a fan of notebooks or post-it stickers. Writing includes the skill to work with information and keep data well-organized. With Simplenote, you can arrange the notes you take during lectures and research. Unlike stickers or notebooks, mobile instruments help you to store information in a digital form safely. Organize your notes according to subjects and priorities. Simplenote has many functions that will help you be a more creative writer and keep all your notes together. The process of writing any text and keeping vital information will be more productive with Simplenote.


Many students underestimate the power of patience and effective editing. The stage of proofreading becomes a significant step on the road that leads to effective and meaningful text. If your aim is to create perfect college papers, emails, articles, blog posts, and other types of texts, Grammarly is what you need. Reducing any typo or stylistic error with the help of Grammarly will be easy. You can download a free version or a paid one to any mobile device. Even with a free version, you will sufficiently boost the quality of your papers. With a premium version, you will see the overall score of a text and suggestions for fitting words and sentences to make a text more unique and readable. Grammarly also allows students to check papers for plagiarism.


One of the most recognized online writing services has a mobile app that allows students to request individually written samples of papers on the go. EssayShark writing service is a site that helps students with different types of essays, speeches, research papers, and other samples. Anyone can order a customized text, from a term paper to a business plan. With a useful app created by the EssayShark team, you can get in touch with a skilled author right from the classroom after you find out the topic and type of a paper. Any potential issues with papers will fade away as you will get effective assistance.


This mobile app is among the students' favorite ones as it allows them to arrange various files. The multifunctionality of Evernote widens its audience, considering not only students but also teachers, managers, and entrepreneurs. The app is very user-friendly and allows the creation of different types of papers, storing pictures and video files, adding images to papers, and more. With Evernote, you will not forget any details, being able to store drafts, write down ideas on the go, brainstorm and sketch, and use other functions.

Now you see how many mobile apps you can use to enhance your writing skills and prevent plagiarism in secondary education. Choose the one that fits your goals and daily tasks to become more productive. Good luck!