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Mobile apps for a world on the move

Mobile apps for a world on the move

Posted in Technology on December 09, 2013

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We live in a world that is always on the move.  We want our food portable, our businesses to run efficiently, and our time to be perfectly managed.  Long gone are the days where mobile phones are used as a communication tool only and they have advanced far beyond just a convenient communication tool into something that is indispensable to most people; the smartphone.

Cell phone technology is advancing quick, phones are smaller, hold more memory and can do a wider range of tasks, thanks to the availability of apps.  Regardless if you own an iPhone or an android there is a wide variety of apps that you can use to make your life easier.

Savvy businessmen and women use apps to help run their business more efficiently while on the go and to be able to constantly handle client demands, without the need of hauling a laptop with them.  Students can use apps to help with their schoolwork and research.  People of all ages can use apps to help them with time management and entertainment purposes.  If you have a need for it, there is an app for it!

Business Apps

With smartphones, not only can you stay on top of your emails, but also with apps, you can even view and review documents, make changes and notes and then send it back.  Business can be done more efficiently, no more waiting to get to the office to review and mark changes before returning files to a client.  Portability is key to business success.

Business apps increase productivity, help increase and manage sales, allow creating and sharing documents, access cloud storage, manage your time and organize your contacts.  In addition, thanks to social media apps, you can boost your company’s presence through social media and set up networks and contacts, allowing you to reach a broader base of people, potential clients, and even business associates.

Business travelers can use weather apps to check the weather where they are headed, to find local sights to see, recommended restaurants and even get turn-by-turn directions through GPS driven apps, allowing a business traveler to easily get from their hotel to wherever they need to be while in an unfamiliar city.


Through the use of apps, students have a wealth of information literally at their fingertips.  Apps can give them access to dictionaries, atlases and online encyclopedias as well as more specialized information such as periodic tables, graphs, and charts.  Scientific calculator apps mean that students can perform complex mathematics from their smartphones, instead of buying expensive calculators.  Apps help students take notes on their smart phones and organize the notes, making their notes portable and transferable between phone and computer.


Gone are the days of jotting down what you have eaten during the day in a notebook and then calculating the calories at the end of the day.  Apps allow health minded individuals to not only track their calories but to track their daily exercise as well, so that with a quick glance at the app, the individual knows how many calories they have consumed as well as carbs, proteins, fat, and sodium.

Getting motivated to exercise is hard, but through the use of apps, it is easier.  Map out the route you take, track the miles you walk and share with other users.  Apps that integrate with you GPS and mapping applications make this a breeze.  In addition to the above, you can also find apps to track your weight loss progress, help you determine what workouts are best for you and help you set up and plan a schedule that you can track through your app.

Productivity Apps

Apps just make our lives easier.  From to-do lists to calendars, apps can help us manage our lives easier and better.  Tasks and appointments can be entered into the app, sent on to other family members or if for business, to other co-workers, making it easy to keep everybody up to date.


Entertainment apps cover all the bases: music, games, e-readers, photo apps, and social media.  You are only a few finger swipes away from sending, receiving files, and photos and from playing your favorite games.

It does not matter what type of phone you have there is an app out there that will make your phone work better, and smarter for you.  With apps, the world is at your fingertips.