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The Future Of Health And Fitness Apps

The Future Of Health And Fitness Apps

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on April 28, 2015

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More and more health and fitness apps are being released or updated to work with new technologies and software developments. The industry for these apps is huge and they can be costly. It is an industry that will only continue to grow as people push to live more healthy lifestyles and move away from eating fast food.

As technology develops one should expect health and fitness apps to be able to track a scary number of aspects in our lives. Currently health and fitness apps can track things like footsteps, heartbeats, distances travelled, and moods. It won't be long before they expand to being able to do things like analyze our blood once a week or even once a day to ensure that all of our levels are right and that we aren't doing anything that is unhealthy.

Health apps that track our food intake will continue to evolve as they have to help us eat more. They will continue to gain in popularity as people realize that they are the perfect motivator for those looking to make healthier life choices. Food apps can help you lose weight and find alternatives to foods that you crave. In the future maybe they will be able to analyze the foods that we make to more accurately register our intake and chart what else we can eat during the day.

A feature that is still missing from almost all if not all food/health apps is eating recommendations. This is a feature that should be coming in the future to help us make healthier lifestyle choices. Instead of providing just a recipe book health apps should start giving meal recommendations for every meal and reminding those of us who don't eat as often that it is time to eat. Part of having a healthy lifestyle is not skipping meals.

Health and fitness apps have been dear to many people as they have changed many people's lives and will continue to do so. In the future these apps should be able to do to more than change lives, they should be able to save lives. Some of these updates will be available for free but some of them such as analyzing blood will involve new and more complex technologies that will require further development so think in terms of years out for some of these while others such as food intake apps may be months or a matter of less years out.