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The future of wearables

The future of wearables

Posted in Technology on March 03, 2015

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As we get used to living in the post-pc era of smartphones, tablets and devices we are surely going to go through yet another era change and accept it as well. Smart Rings, Smart Watches and Google watches will soon be replacing your routine Androids, IPhones and tablets at work. It has been noted how the fruit of PC Era took about twenty years to ripen. But you don’t have to wait for the "Wearable Era" for that long because it has already begun. The reason is the availability of wireless connectivity which has enabled companies to dream big and produce bigger. This advancement in technology was not possible depending entirely on a smart phone as its internet connectivity had to be measured. But gradually, the infrastructure has come to life.

It may seem difficult to replace your favorite smart phone with a watch or glasses. However, we should think about our lives and how we managed it after 1999 when we were beginning to send text messages. Sending emails, messages, files and keeping updated with the news is the routine work of a smartphone.

Experts are convinced that up to 2/3rd of our daily tasks are to be handled by wearable technology in the near future. The questions arising with such technology include the permission to use them, the way to use them, expectations of hiring companies in this era etc.

Will wearable technology be allowed in work place?

The USAA which provides life insurance and similar matters; has already banned the use of wearable technologies. Potential risks proposed by them include:

  • Recording of inappropriate audio
  • Capturing of confidential pictures
  • Safety risks
  • Invasion of privacy

There is research being done on the use of these technologies but for now the USAA has banned them in work place.

Learning in Wearable Era

What will digital learning be like in the near future? Personalized and customized learning modules will be accessed through wearable devices; you will be able to learn your job in a better way. Learning through your smart phones will then become old-school! You will be able to learn what you want, when you want through wearable devices.

Salesforce announced Salesforce Wear Developer Kit which will enable manufacturers to produce apps compatible in wearable devices only.