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The most secure smartphone yet - Tor-infused BOSS

The most secure smartphone yet - Tor-infused BOSS

Posted in Technology on February 03, 2015

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This is the smart device era. Internet and use of smart devices and phablets have become a household activity. We cannot even think of living without the smart phone technology these days. Over the years the technology has advanced a lot. Every month rather every week brings about new features and upgrades for the smart phone users.

Among the few things that are in discussion in the smart phone industry these days is the security of personal data and information when you are on the move. Many technology companies and market leaders are working on specialized products that provide these features. But these products are only under development right now. Companies like Boeing and Black Phone are on the front runners list.

Neo3Do has come up with its latest promotional campaign to sell its Boss Smart Phone. The company is offering a discount price of $300 to a set if purchased in a pack of four mobile devices.

This is a smart phone of its kind. It has the TOR technology integration. The TOR technology is also called the Onion Router. This special feature allows the owner of the phone to keep any information and data transmissions hidden. All types of traffic analysis processes and network surveillance activities cannot detect the data transmitted by a Boss Smart phone user.

The app used to provide this feature of TOR is the Orbot. This is a proxy app that has a compatibility with Apple’s iOS and also the app store of Amazon. This is the kind security that can be provided by using the Orbot on your smart phone.

But the makers of the Boss promise much more than this. According to the Neo3do the BOSS is much beyond this simple security app. "Our additional security features and focus includes proprietary installation of Rivetz technology to provide OS independent encryption and decryption of data at the hardware level," exclaimed one of the Bosses of BOSS smart phone. According to them "We believe BOSS is superior because we are using hardware-level and network-level security that allows usage and utility standard Android OS."