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Top 4 Children Apps Your Kids Need

Top 4 Children Apps Your Kids Need

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on June 30, 2014

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I’m sure you have plenty of apps on your phone that you use regularly, but what happens when your children grab your phone insisting they play with it? Be sure you have some kid-friendly apps on your phone so you know they are safe from any harmful content, while being comfortable that they are having an engaging experience. 

If you are looking for some solid apps that will keep your children entertained you have come to the right place. Below are 4 awesome apps that your kids will have a fun and useful time with. 

Helicopter Taxi 

This app is awesome. If your child is interested in travel or transportation, be careful because this can be addicting! Helicopter Taxi uses augmented reality while your kid is on the move! As your child moves around the room, the helicopter looks as if it is in the room with them. Your kids have the ability to land the machines, pick up passengers and much more with this creative and surprisingly real looking app. 

Pocket Frogs 

This is another great app with game-like features, but this time with a social tie in. Great for animal lovers, especially amphibians, Pocket Frogs allows your child to raise and nurture their own frog. Collect, grow, and even trade frogs with friends. There is also a rewards system where your child can earn up to 60 badges along the way. 


SmackTalk will have your kids rolling on the floor laughing. This hilarious app will record then play back anything your child says in a very funny high squeaky or low freaky voice all while coming from a fury critter on the screen. You can choose from a guinea pig, puppy, kitten, or Chihuahua. 

The Pianist 

A change of pace from the game apps, The Pianist will bring an education component to your child. Complete with a full keyboard of 3D keys, this app allows your child to record, overdub unlimited times, and then plays back their creations. The Pianist will let the musical talents from your children shine.