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Top 4 Children Education Apps

Top 4 Children Education Apps

Posted in Mobile App Ideas on July 15, 2014

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Apps are the future and nobody should accept that more than parents. Your children will only know the highly connected world that we have lived in for the last 15 years. Apps are high tech and flashy to us because we know what came before, however, little Johnny will never know what a home phone is, but he will know the iPad and future devices better than you. 

While accepting this future, why not help your kids get the best out of their time using these devices. Apps are a great way to educate your children on the go with these portable tutors. Education apps can be a huge component of your child's learning. Listed below are four must have children education apps. 

ABC Learn & Trace Letters 

This app is educational and entertaining; exactly what you want from a mobile app for your kid. 

This app in particular creates fun new ways to help your child make and write their letters using real world applications. For instance, they mention "apple" in terms of an apple falling from a tree in order to draw a straight line down, perhaps as the start of a "B". 

Available in English and French with a cost $2.99 

Animals World for Kids 

This fun app teaches your child about the animal kingdom. Complete with videos and images of animals in their natural habitats, including the forest, jungle, lake, ocean, and more. They even have fun facts about each animal as well. 

Not only will your child learn about what the animals look like and where they live, but real animals sounds are included. 

Available in English, Czech, and Russian with a cost of $0.99 

Sentence Builder 

Sentence Builder will help your child improve word recognition and sentence skills. Kids are asked to drag and drop certain words from random organization to make an appropriate sentence. 

There are multiple difficulty levels included for when your child improves. 

Drive About: Number Neighborhood 

A very interactive app to allow kids to work on all things numbers. They can pick from cars, spaceships, and boats to travel around different neighborhoods to play mini games. These mini games improve number skills in everything from ordering, counting, addition, and more. 

Number Neighborhood goes for $2.99