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Top AI Essay Generators for Every Need: 2024 Guide

Posted in Artificial intelligence (AI) on March 18, 2024

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Whereas joining your “dream” college comes with varying excitement and self-satisfaction, what challenges do you think students, regardless of their academic programs, will likely encounter? Without a doubt, many learners report that completing assignments and homework as well as essay-writing tends to be exhausting and tedious. What’s more, these academic responsibilities limit some students from engaging in co-curricular activities and entrepreneurship, which might form a long-term source of revenue for them. Due to these challenges, tech entities have constantly strived to implement technological tools that revolutionize the doing of assignments and essays.

Besides Grammarly and citation generators, which have simplified editing, proofreading, and formatting of papers, why do you think the advent of AI essay writers has significantly disrupted the crafting of academic papers? The underlying rationale concerns the capabilities of these tools or entities to complete a task within a short period. Besides, some essay writers can provide custom materials with references, including digital or printable sources. If you make this guide a benchmark for selecting an AI tool for crafting plagiarism-free papers, you won’t go wrong with the availability of a variety of choices, such as Textero, which might exactly meet your academic needs.

Understanding AI Essay Generators

If you’ve been active on social media or schooling, you’ve probably heard about how AI essay-writing tools can jeopardize the integrity of education in the United States and globally, especially when students fail to cite or reference them. While learning institutions continue implementing strategies for differentiating between human- and AI-written texts, programmers, content creators, and professional college essay writers risk becoming jobless. However, do you think these tools can completely take such careers? 

A rational answer might depend on a person’s and institutions’ definition of essay writing assistant and how they function. According to many scholars, these AI generators of academic papers depend on pieces of software to locate, compile, and produce a set of information in text form as per keyed queries. If you want to understand clearly, it will be best to consider them an innovation that can simultaneously scan millions or billions of online resources to offer precise answers to questions.  

Top AI Essay Writing Tools in 2024

If you’re looking for the best AI essay writing tools trusted by top international and Ivy League colleges such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge, the University of Melbourne, and Stanford University, you should consider Due to its common usage among the best learning institutions, this free service has become common among students. Regardless of your area of study, you can depend on to generate subsections or a complete essay quickly. What’s more, this essay writing assistant has the potential to access academic databases such as Google Scholar and PubMed.  

Its magic of integrating citations in a variety of formatting styles such as MLA and APA and offering texts with low similarity emphasize as one of the best free essay writers. With this information, a student can learn how to acknowledge the author’s scholarly contributions in the academic sphere. By using the best AI essay writers free, you’ll not only save time but also enhance your grammar and be able to differentiate between formal and informal languages in writing. 


When you read about online descriptions of AI essay writing tools online, you’ll realize the primary functions of many concerns writing SEOs and academic papers. However, it’s challenging to get those that specialize in the former. As a consequence, many companies don’t get assistance for marketing their products and services. Because of these, AI essay writers online dedicated themselves to generating customized SEOs for businesses.

Whereas companies can get similar services from professional essay writers, they might not get swift marketing solutions because of the time humans require to study the style(s) of a company. Even though this essay-writing AI specializes in helping businesses boost their sales, its usage is straightforward, considering that you can find solutions through chatting. Moreover, Jasper continuously invests in research and development to meet the ever-changing demands of clients. Overall, Jasper focuses on offering marketing solutions in the corporate world. 


Imagine you’ve been working on a nursing capstone project with 10 tasks in your entire semester. So far, you’ve delivered 8 sections, only two remaining. Usually, tasks in the capstone project build on each other. In other words, you must understand the previous concept to complete subsequent ones. Even if you want to hire one of the AI college essay writers, you must avail your previous papers. Similarly, you will likely want the tone and language in your 9th and 10th assignments to be similar to the previous ones. So, what are the best essay writers to use?

Without a doubt, AI online essay writers at Rytr will come in handy. Before this tool scans online information and generates the text, it analyzes your writing style. In particular, it is one of fewer AI essay writers that can use the same sentence structures and varieties as yours. When you want to use the professional services of Rytr from Chrome, Google Slides, and WhatsApp, you can download an extension and install it. 


Do you think AI essay writers free can help you study for exams? Whereas assignments and homework form a significant proportion of your course or unit final grade, you need to learn other course materials, such as class notes and books, to excel in your exams. However, many students find themselves with limited time to effectively prepare, probably because of the extensiveness of reading materials. In this case, those with summaries of major concepts benefit significantly. 

Best AI essay writers free come in handy for students who lack short notes. For instance, rather than reading the entire novel to establish major themes, you can use Writesonic to prepare summaries. What’s more, professional essay writers on this platform can expound on complicated concepts to enhance your understanding before the exam. You can sign up for a free trial to try this service. 


If you’re a college student, you have probably heard about ChatGPT. When this AI tool emerged, many thought they had gotten a solution for handling their assignments within a short period. Even renowned scholars published papers comparing in-depth research and correctness between human- and AI-written texts. Besides generating essays, you can use this AI essay-writing tool in writing cover letters, resumes, emails, and SEOs. What’s more, ChatGPT comes in free and premium versions.

Key Features of AI Essay Generators

Contain free and premium options

Whereas hiring professional college essay writers requires a budget, you can get an AI assistant for free. For example, you can access ChatGPT-3.5 at $0 per month on your Android, IOS, and web. However, you’ll need $20 monthly to use ChatGPT-4 with an improved capable model. 

Perform a variety of functions

It’s factual that “A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife.” If free essay writers do everything for you, you might not learn. Due to this reason, some AI writing tools can get sources for you, minimizing the energy you’ll use to exclude articles and chapters of books or books during your preliminary research. For example, can flawlessly execute this task.

How to Choose the Right AI Essay Generator

Define your specific needs

Your expectations and needs depend on the kind of online essay writers you’ll use. For example, if you need copywriting services, you should consider Jasper as it specializes in marketing solutions. However, those requiring scientific papers with citations in either APA or MLA can use

Test the quality of generated content

Without a doubt, everyone will opt to use the best essay writers to get AI texts if the generated content has low similarity. In other words, why use an AI tool if it’s the same as copy-pasting information from different sources? You can use Turnitin to check for plagiarism. You can even decide to check for grammar mistakes.

Review customization configs

Your academic program in college influences the specific type of assistance you’ll require from online AI essay-writing services. For example, if you’re pursuing architecture or civil engineering, you will want a platform where you can generate or search with images. In this case, the best suit for that would be ChatGPT-4.

Check for citation support

When you get  AI-generated content with citations from the best essay writers online, your paper will be of high quality. What’s more, you can search for the sources to get an exhaustive overview of the topic.

Evaluate data privacy standards

Many AI-powered sites with reliable free essay writers require you to sign up with your email. Due to this reason, you should check their policies using personal data. If it’s for marketing only, you can consider using the website.

Sign-up for free trials

You shouldn’t be quick to sign up for websites with college essay writers offering AI text at a fee without free trials. Ideally, companies with free and premium options are the best for starters. 

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with AI Essay Generators

Clearly define your essay prompt

Before hiring AI essay writers, you must decide if your work is a research paper, essay, or reflection. Another aspect to consider is the number of words required. This definition of your essay prompt would ensure you receive the AI-generated content that meets your specific needs.

Provide diverse and relevant keywords

Every subject or discipline has specific “vocabularies” or “phrases.” For example, if you need an essay on “Impact of Insulin Resistance on Older Adults,” you should clearly include diverse terms that mean the same as older adults. You can replace “Older Adults” with “people aged 65 and above.” Such an AI text would be almost the same as content completed by essay writers. 

Tailor the writing style and tone

In case you want an AI essay-writing tool to incorporate industry-specific terms, include similar vocabulary in your chat or search. For example, use “break-even” instead of “make a profit” to customize your writing style.

Utilize the “research assistance” feature

You should use the “research assistance” feature at every stage of writing your essay. For example, focus on collecting evidence at the beginning, then generate the content and proofread your work. 

Proofread and fact-check meticulously

Although many AI writing tools claim to provide accurate information with almost free grammar mistakes, they might not be meticulous. As such, you should double-check the facts and common mistakes, especially when it comes to verbs that modify the nouns.

Cite your sources properly

Considering that a few essay writers offering AI-generated content cite and reference sources, you should always double-check the format and whether the articles or books are authentic and up-to-date.


What are the best free AI essay generators?

An AI essay writing tool can be at the top of your list if it meets your needs. For example, marketers would find Jasper most useful, whereas a college student would highly rank

Can AI essay generators be used for college assignments?

Yes, however, you should use it as a tool for researching. 

How do I choose the right AI essay generator for me?

Since you’ll need to try different ones, you should consider choosing the one with free and premium options.

Are AI essay generators safe to use?

You can’t ignore the importance of AI essay generators. Therefore, you should only use the ones that treat your data or any information as confidential.

Can AI essay generators help with any topic?

Depending on the last update of AI essay generators, you can get any help in assignments.

Are AI-generated essays considered plagiarism?

Although your paper would have low similarity, your institutions would flag the content as plagiarized unless it incorporates appropriate citations.