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What makes a mobile app addicting?

What makes a mobile app addicting?

Posted in Mobile App Marketing on January 09, 2015

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Smartphones are owned by almost more than half of the population of the world. The mere reason which makes them important in today’s world is that people these days are progressing and they are utilizing the mobile applications to get there. Apps have become the most dominant form of digital interaction.

One needs to understand the fact that mobile apps are important for today’s market. Making addictive apps can appropriately be carried out by designing applications that offer captivating features for everyone.

We have seen many apps last year which certainly broke the internet. To make the mobile apps catchy, some recipes should be adapted.

Mobile apps are supposed to be simple but unique. Some of the most addictive apps on smartphones are games that even adults cannot stay away from them. The graphics may be crude, and the controls most simple and rudimentary; just as we saw in flappy bird. The game features were quite simple yet this much addictive that the creator had to take it down for people’s sake. The game app should be re-playable. Apps that encourage repetition of the same activities are successful in attracting clients. According to the psychologists there is something about the repetition of activities that the human mind loves, and would make them use the app again and again.

You certainly need to notify the clients on and off regarding their activities and left-over tasks over the app, so they may be inclined to visit and use the app recurrently.

And of course, the most important thing is to link the app with the social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Tinder. This is one of the best ways of promoting your app, as it has really proven to be addictive.

Always keep innovation at the pole position. Apps such as Instagram let people show their creative side to the world, and lets them boast about it. People love boasting. Another unique app which is quite in buzz these days is Snapchat. It’s probably the best way for Selfie Lovers to boast every other picture with their contacts on phone.

So make apps which are simple, unique, fun and leave the user wanting more.