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Why Beacons Are Gaining Popularity In Today's Market?

Why Beacons Are Gaining Popularity In Today's Market?

Posted in Technology on November 17, 2015

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The mobile world is consistently evolving with latest technologies and trends. The inception of the technology like beacons has overhauled the way a business can be done. Wireless technologies can help businesses escalate employees' productivity by using a powerful Wi-Fi network or by integrating a beacon to dramatically increase profits.

It has been observed that most people spend the majority of time indoors which often blocks mobile signals and make it hard for applications and websites to locate a device via GPS. Thus, a robust wireless technology is needed that can help heighten the location-based services.

Fortunately, beacons offer a viable solution to target indoor mobile devices. Companies can use this technology to read the user's location and accordingly interact via suitable messages with potential customers, helping these businesses drive hefty profits. In fact retailers, event organizers, and even educational institutes can reap the benefits of beacons.

What are Beacons?

Beacons are basically a small piece of hardware that can be installed on a wall or a countertop. It implements battery-powered Bluetooth connections for prompting and forwarding messages directly to a mobile device. Unlike Wi-Fi or GPS, this hardware deploys Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology that helps generate precise information about a location.

Beacons can also be referred as a small radio transmitter sensor that facilitates interaction with indoor devices within a certain range. This technology is used across the globe for sharing information conveniently. However, retailers and marketers benefit the most from this technology, as it allows them to efficiently target their potential customers.

Why are Beacons Gaining Momentum?

1. Convenient Business Brand Personalization

Personalization can help you take your business to another level. There is nothing better for a business than sharing relevant suggestions and product recommendations with the customers at the most opportune of moments. With beacons, companies can achieve this by serving up customized marketing messages. There are several live examples of businesses who have substantially escalated their revenue by integrating beacon technology.

2. Easy & Appropriate Contextual Marketing

Beacons have overcome the technological barriers that restrict businesses from contextual marketing. These small devices are placed on a particular point in a store or hall. A smart device that lies in the vicinity and has a suitable beacon application will receive the data transferred in small packets. When a device will enter in the proximity, a desired advertising message will be delivered. This helps attract potential customers, especially when they are in shopping outlets or malls. Moreover, hotels and airports can also implement this technology to deliver an outstanding user experience.

3. Inexpensive and Simple

The best thing about this technology is that it will not burn a hole in your pocket and let you reap its amazing benefits at an affordable cost. One can conveniently purchase a set of four beacon transmitters that will be associated with an application and a CMS by investing in around $100 or less.

Furthermore, the configuration is easy. Each transmitter possesses a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Once, they are installed, one just need to generate cards tags, actions, and set rules. There are several online tutorials available, you can refer a desired one to learn the process.

Since, it is available at a reasonable price, you can go for a starter and try it before buying a huge set. The complete installation can be customized as per the requirements and most importantly, by considering the budget. Not to mention, it possesses an easy learning curve and one can efficiently implement and use this technology to get benefits from its potential.

Wrapping Up

Beacon technology has amazingly evolved as a prolific tool that enables businesses and others to improve the indoor connectivity. While it helps businesses to target messages to potential customers, it also allows event organizers and other institutions to seamlessly share information when the target is indoor people. It performs brilliantly, while supporting a competent range, where the technologies like NFC, GPS and Wi-Fi fail to deliver a solution.

No wonder why it is incessantly gaining popularity in today's market. Its ultimate benefits attract businesses across the globe and make it a fabulous technology. Since, there is no big harm associated with it in case of any failure, businesses are increasingly showing their interest in it, and its small learning curve further makes it convenient for them to master the field.

Author Signature: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading Android app development companies which delivers the most comprehensive iOS, Android and HTML5 mobile application solutions.